Feb 092016

ten thousand miles of arteries-even seed spilled


(Allen Griffin brings us short reviews of three new Power Electronics releases, from Ten Thousand Miles of Arteries, Whorid, and Nekrasov.)

For all the counter-culture caché one might attribute to their particular niche in some extreme music sub-genre, nothing tends to be as purely off-putting and anti-social as Power Electronics. The bastard offspring of Extreme Metal’s sonic palette and Free Jazz/Improv’s penchant for free-form chaos, Power Electronics attempts to pry open the deepest recesses of humanity’s psyche with waves of pure noise.

Over the course of the genre’s development, the sound has evolved from pure blankets of static and feedback, to a more complex and detailed approach, well illustrated by this trio of recent and upcoming releases. Continue reading »

Jan 212016



For the second day in a row, we’re bringing you a premiere that’s well off our usual beaten paths. This time the artist is Whorid, the solo project of Philadelphia’s Daniel Suffering (who is also a member of Theologian, a band we’ve mentioned here before in the distant past and who just released a new album called Dregs late last year). The track is named “Harbinger of False Promises” and it appears on Whorid’s new album, Bloated Pig Carcasses In A Shallow Wake.

Perhaps you are now guessing that the music isn’t friendly, and if so, give yourself a pat on the head. We are told that the concept of the album is based on “obsession turned to reality, then demise, with themes of stalking, BDSM, social anxiety, substance abuse, and eventually murder, where no one wins.” Continue reading »