Dec 262011

(The following is an announcement by groverXIII, the creator of The Number of the Blog. Something new is coming, but one very good run is over. Comments please.)

This was most decidedly not how I wanted to ring in the second birthday of The Number Of The Blog.

Faced with an expiring hosting agreement, I set about trying to transfer the site to a new, established hosting account. I figured it would be easy, right? Wrong. Between a lack of experience and some issues with the new host and the old host, I ran into a tremendous amount of trouble, in the process losing a massive chunk of the many, many posts TNOTB had accumulated. As things went on, the site itself ceased functioning, and I honestly have no idea what I could do to restore it. As I reached my wits’ end, I finally decided it was time to put the site down.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I gave up so easily. I have a couple of reasons, actually, starting with the burnout I’ve been dealing with over the past months. This gives me an opportunity to relax a bit and recharge my batteries for the oft-hinted Next Stage. Those of you who are familiar with TNOTB will now likely have deduced that the Next Stage does not, in fact, represent the continuation of The Number Of The Blog as a website, and this is quite true. This was, in fact, the plan all along, that TNOTB would cease to be (although we had hoped to maintain an archive of the site’s posts for everyone). This hiccup here actually does not affect the Next Stage one bit, and in fact might make things a little easier for myself in that respect. That, my friends, is the main reason that I’m throwing in the towel on TNOTB.

In the meantime, Islander has kindly agreed to let us crash on the NCS couch, and so you should be seeing plenty of guest posts from the TNOTB legions in the coming weeks. As for my TNOTB family and all seven readers who didn’t already write for us… thanks. You guys are the reason that I kept TNOTB going, and you’re the reason for the grand plans we have for the future. I’ve had a blast.


  1. BreadGod says:


    I’ve been visiting the site since 2010. I can’t believe it’s gone. Will Tr00 Nate still continue his Wintermoon Wednesday column on here?

  2. Baldish says:

    It’s sad to see it go. I think I may have visited at least once a day since it first came up. Since then I have only visited 2 metal blogs regularly, TNOTB and HBIH, needless to say I will check NCS out more and anticipate the “next stage.” The Number of the Blog is dead. Long live the Number of the Blog!

  3. Was great writing for TNOTB, even though it was only for 1 month. Looking forward to being part of the “Next Stage”!

    And yes, those daily TNOTB columns should find a new home in NCS!

    That will feed Islander’s secret desire to slack more and make him look magnanimous at the same time. 😀

  4. Shen says:

    This is sad news. Came upon the site a year ago to look for best of 2010 and was truly looking forward to another Best Of Series Damn man.

    Still think numberoftheblog was a pretty sick name and had gathered its little cult, Hope Next Stage doesn’t stray too far from it. Good luck my man!

  5. MaxR says:

    Sad to see you go, picked up many good bands for Metal Bandcamp from TNOTB.

    Good to hear you have great plans for the future.

  6. Alex_P says:

    I’ll crack a 40 tonight in the site’s honour.

  7. tim says:

    Holy shit, this just ruined my night. I’ve been reading TNOTB since its creation and seeing it go is a lot more devastating than I thought it would be. Whatever you guys do, I’ll still keep following and reading.


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  9. Patton says:

    I’ll miss you lot.

    • groverXIII says:

      We’ll miss you too. All the long walks on the beach, nights spent staring deep into each other’s eyes…

      Stick around… like I’ve been saying, we will be back, better than ever. Big plans.

  10. LOLgoroth says:

    Now it’s more like Mourning Wood.
    The Number of the Blog is dead – long live the Number of the Blog!

  11. Hesh says:

    Fine! Good riddance!

  12. amindtat says:


  13. damn, late to seeing this. TNOTB ruled. i’m glad NCS has welcomed you guys with open arms, and always excited to see what you’ve got in the pipeline from both an entertaining and well criticized pov!

  14. Aegus says:

    You guys introduced me to a whole new genre of metal..I’m grateful for that! Look forward to the new site!

    *Goes back to lurking…*

  15. Lady Siara says:

    Sad to see you guys go, but I’m really happy that it’s not the end. Wishing you all the best of luck and please keep us posted. 🙂

  16. Sad Reader says:


  17. Steve Henningsgard says:


  18. Erin says:

    🙁 good luck in all your future projects guys!

  19. thereader says:

    wtf…this sucks….make a new blog ……found many good bands on your site

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