Jan 282012

(TheMadIsraeli returns with another quick heads-up about . . . something different from an English band called Hacktivist.)

I am either about to be extremely surprised or lose all metal credibility in front of all of you.

Rewind to the 90’s and early, early 2000’s.

I know, I know. You wonder to yourself why do I assail you with such trauma? Why have I caused your soul such ache? Why doth I penetrate thy conscience with such unfathomable knives of contempt!?

Like a lot of metalheads in my age range (18-23, or thereabout), I started at nu metal. Yes, in hindsight the music for the most part sucked. No matter how many times you go back in retrospect, you can’t justify 90% of the shit that went on. Yeah, Korn was onto something, maybe, on their first two albums, and Wes Borland was the only talented member of Limp Bizkit, but overall nu metal was definitely a failed experiment as far as musical legitimacy goes, despite its staggering commercial success. HOWEVER…

I always felt rap could, AND DOES, have a place in metal. In my opinion, nu metal wasn’t a permanent testament to the failure of rap and metal mixing; it was too much a victim of commercialism and teenage angst to make a lasting mark. However, I think we can all agree that the only heavy band who incorporated rap and did it right, with intelligence and intricacy, was the mighty Rage Against The Machine (a band I still love to this day) — but maybe I’m about to be proven wrong. Maybe all of us are.

This is where Hacktivist comes in. I’ve been waiting for this to happen, and it finally has.

Rap djent.

I leave you only with the music to evaluate for yourselves, but in dong this I’m not afraid or ashamed. I’m digging the everloving fuck out of this. Is this the next big thing? In my honest estimation, probably.



  1. Caspa says:

    I really really really hope that no one tries to copy this because of all the hype.
    Hacktivist is great, let it be at that. If you are thinking about starting a project that sounds like Hacktivist, fuck off and forget it. Just… forget it.

  2. The A says:

    Hacktivist is great. Love their hybrid sound. The OP didn’t post their best stuff though. I like Cold Shoulders, but Unlike Us is a bit more in the pocket: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJrEBqTCK50

  3. THENEWAGE says:

    So I bet half you faggots are choking on your words after their EP dropped. Dead shits.

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