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In an earlier post, I speculated about why metal mags and net sites create “Best of 2009” album lists and why fans read them.  I also expressed puzzlement about why these lists are already appearing despite the fact that 2009 ain’t over yet.  Decibel‘s recently published list of the “Top 40” best releases of 2009 prompted all of my blather (although Noisecreep has now released their Top 10 list for the year).  I thought most of the albums on the Decibel list were worth noticing, though I could quibble with the rankings and I had some favorites that I thought should have been on the list in place of others that were.

In an effort to refresh my own memory about what else Decibel left off its list, I polled IntoTheDarkness — the third member of the No Clean Singing triumverate — and asked for his personal list of the Best of 2009 (using the phony assumption that the year is already over).  And here’s his list.  It’s a pretty fucking strong lineup of NCS Metal — and only 8 overlaps with the Decibel list.

Yeah, I know I’m doing the same gun-jumping thing that I found odd about “best of year” lists already beginning to appear in other publications, but what the fuck.  Here is IntoTheDarkness’s Best of ’09 list, in alphabetical order.  Albums that also appear on the Decibel Top 40 are highlighted:

1. Amorphis-Skyforger

2. Animals as Leaders-Self titled

3. August Burns Red-Constellations

4. Barren Earth-Our Twilight

5. Behemoth-Evangelion

6. Between the Buried and Me-The Great Misdirect

7. The Black Dahlia Murder-Deflorate

8. Bleed From Within-Humanity

9. Blood Red Throne-Souls of Damnation

10. Born of Osiris-A Higher Place

11. Chimaira-The Infection

12. The Cleansing-Poisoned Legacy

13. Daath-The Concealers

14. Deadlock-Manifesto

15. Despised Icon-Day of Mourning

16. The Destro-Harmony of Discord

17. Dethklok-Dethalbum 2

18. Dying Fetus-Descend into Depravity

19. Eluveitie-Evocation I

20. Ensiferum-From Afar

21. Ex Deo-Romulus

22. Fleshgod Apocalypse-Oracles

23. Goatwhore-Carving Out the Eyes of God

24. Gorod-Process of A New Decline

25. Hester Prynne-The Goswell Divorce

26. Hiroshima Will Burn-To the Weight of All Things

27. Hypocrisy-A Taste of Extreme Divinity

28. I Built the Cross-Bridging the Gap Between Heart and Mind

29. Ichor-The Siege

30. Ignominious Incarceration-Of Winter Born

31. Impending Doom-The Serpent Servant

32. In The Midst of Lions-Out of Darkness

33. Ingested-Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering

34. Insomnium-Across the Dark

35. Isis-Wavering Radiant

36. Job For A Cowboy-Ruination

37. Madder Mortem-Eight Ways

38. Man Must Die-No Tolerance for Imperfection

39. Marduk-Wormwood

40. Mastodon-Crack the Skye

41. Miseration-The Mirroring Shadow

42. Molotov Solution-The Harbinger

43. Neaera-Omnicide

44. Nightrage-Wearing a Martyr’s Crown

45. Nile-Those Whom the Gods Detest

46. Novembers Doom-Into Night’s Requiem Infernal

47. Obscura-Cosmogenesis

48. Oceano-Depths

49. Old Man’s Child-Slaves of the World

50. Painted in Exile-Revitalized

51. Pelican-What We All Come To Need

52. Permillisecond-2009 EP

53. Porcupine Tree-The Incident

54. Prostitute Disfigurement-Descendants of Depravity

55. Reciprocal-Self titled

56. The Red Chord-Fed Through the Teeth Machine

57. The Red Shore-Lost Verses

58. Revocation-Existence is Futile

59. Salt the Wound-Ares

60. Samael-Above

61. Scale the Summit-Carving Desert Canyons

62. Scar Symmetry-Dark Matter Dimensions

63. Skeletonwitch-Breathing the Fire

64. Suffocation-Blood Oath

65. Suicide Silence-No Time To Bleed

66. Suidakra-Crogacht

67. Swallow the Sun-New Moon

68. Tyr-By the Light of the Northern Star

69. Ulcerate-Everything is Fire

70. Vader-Necropolis

71. Whisteria Cottage-Heathen

72. Winds of Plague-The Great Stone War

73. Wretched-The Exodus of Autonomy

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