Dec 242009

So you thought we had finally reached the end of year-end “best of” lists for 2009, right? Nope. Yesterday was metal mag day here at NCS. Not only did we find the new issue of Decibel in the mailbox (see the post before this one), but cuddled right next to it was the new issue of Revolver, which includes Revolver‘s list of “The Top 20 Albums of 2009.” Like the new issue of Decibel, this copy of Revolver boasts a cover date from the future (Jan/Feb 2010), which is further proof that Revolver has access to the same quantum wormhole used by the rest of the magazine industry to send copy back in time. If only they’d told me something potentially remunerative, like who won the Super Bowl.

Lots of bands on Revolver‘s list are exactly what you’d expect. But there are some peculiar choices too. For example: Rammstein.  Best of 2009? Really?

To see Revolver‘s list of “The Top 20 Albums of 2009,” continue reading after the jump. And because we had fun in the preceding post showing you the demographic data Decibel uses in selling ads, we might as well show you the same kind of data Revolver uses to describe its audience.

Here’s Revolver‘s demographic data:

And here’s Revolver‘s list of “The Top 25 Albums of 2009“:

1.   Alice In Chains:  Black Gives Way To Blue
2.   Mastodon:  Crack The Skye
3.   Lamb Of God:  Wrath
4.   Converge: Axe To Fall
5.   Behemoth:  Evangelion
6.   Between The Buried And Me:  The Great Misdirect
7.   The Black Dahlia Murder:  Deflorate
8.   Slayer:  World Painted Blood
9.   Suicide Silence:   No Time To Bleed
10. Rammstien:  Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da
11. Coalesce:  Ox
12. Immortal:  All Shall Fall
13. Kylesa:  Static Tensions
14. Megadeth:  Endgame
15. Dethklok:  Dethalbum II
16. Baroness:  Blue Record
17. Cannibal Corpse:  Evisceration Plague
18. The Devil Wears Prada:  With Roots Above And Branches Below
19. Agoraphobic Nosebleed:  Agorapocalypse
20. Heaven and Hell:  The Devil You Know

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