Jan 112010

I saw Avatar this weekend. Amazing movie that lives up to its hype. But that’s not what this post is about. Before the movie there was a trailer for a forthcoming movie called Clash of the Titans, which is a remake of a 1981 fantasy classic and happens to feature the same Sam Worthington who was the male lead in Avatar. The movie is based on the Greek myth of Perseus. Based on the trailer, the new movie looks like it will kick ass.

I’ve obviously got metal on the brain, because as I watched all the gods and weird creatures flashing across the screen in the trailer, I was thinking they’d fit right into different types of metal bands. I’m probably losing my mind, but see what you think. Here are some still photos from the trailer and what flew through my addled head when I saw them.

Brutal death metal (and I do mean broootal)

(more after the jump . . . .)

Versace-influenced Viking metal
Slightly over-the-hill black metal
Thrash metal guitarist after a few too many years on the road
Hardcore frontman
Hardcore frontman and adoring fans
Hollywood Undead

James Hetfield in about 5 more years

Help me out on this one . . .

  7 Responses to “CLASH OF THE (METAL) TITANS”

  1. Help you out? How does “blatant Pan’s Labyrinth knock-off” sound?

    Oh, huh, that’s not a musical reference, is it?

    Ray Charles?

    *Blind* Guardian? Heheh…

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