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Back in mid-February, we enthusiastically reported the blessed union of the remarkable Cameron (“Big Chocolate”) Argon and the also-remarkable San Diego death-metal band, Burning the Masses.

The exciting news back then was that Argon was joining BTM as its vocalist, adding his talents not only to the recording of BTM’s next album but also joining the band for an ass-kicking European tour with Suffocation, Annotations of An Autopsy, Nervecell, and Fleshgod Apocalypse. We called it “A Marriage Made in Hell,” because, you know, all involved are hella good.

You can read that extended report, which included an interview with Cam Argon, at this location.

Cam did indeed join BTM, he did indeed track the vocals on the band’s forthcoming release, Offspring of Time (which is scheduled for a July 20 release on Mediaskare Records), and he did indeed front the band on that European tour.

But on May 18, he put up a blog post stating that he would not be performing with BTM on the band’s 3-month, nationwide summer tour — which began the next day. We got in touch with Cam to get more details, and his answers to our questions appear after the jump.

If you’re a fan of Big Chocolate, Burning the Masses, Suicide Silence, Disfiguring the Goddess, or Abominable Putridity, you’ll want to read what he had to say because he touches on all those projects. And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, it’s time you found out!  Oh yeah, Cam also talks about a mysterious new musical collaboration he’s got going on with Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence (continue after the jump . . .)

NCS: Hey Cam, I read your MySpace post about your decision not to tour with BTM.  I wondered if you felt like elaborating (for publication) on the reasons for this decision and whether it means that your association with BTM is at an end, or if it just means your future work with them will be limited to recording (and not touring).  And of course, if you’ve got any other news you feel like sharing, that would be cool too.

Cameron Argon: When I joined BTM, I joined not to be a permanent member. [Eds. note: Cam made this quite clear in our February interview.] I wanted to experience a physical band in the since of having a producer produce/record your album and doing a real tour. I kept it really real and upfront with BTM, and after the Suffocation tour was over I knew that BTM isn’t where my heart in music was. Nothing against BTM, they are amazing musicians and solid mates now of mine.

I don’t know about my role in BTM for the future. As of now, I know I wouldn’t be on their next studio album, but who knows. I wanted to spend my time with music on some projects and music that I’ve got going on, and I’ll be attending college full time in the fall and that would have gotten in the way of BTM’s personal progress in the industry.

Up next I’m mainly just going to be pursuing a bunch of ‘Big Chocolate’. I’ve been working some pretty sick remixes including the Suicide Silence “Disengage” remix that was released last month. I’m also remixing a large handful of Disfiguring The Goddess tracks and I’m hoping to be playing these remixes live with a whole new approach to metal, performing, and just music in general.

Along with that, Disfiguring The Goddess hits the studio next month to record our fall release. I’m really pumped to get this DTG release out just because I’ve had most of the material written for over a year now, and just now DTG has the tools to get it together and make it happen for this release. I’m also working on a Electro/house album for ‘Big Chocolate’ alongside the remixes.

On top of all that, I’ve started a new project with Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence called Commissioner, making some boundary-defying music, but  you’ll have to stay tuned for that whole deal. 🙂

I’ve been very productive and motivated with my music and my process of creation lately, I just can’t wait to get all of this out there! Haha!

One more thing: I’m currently recording vocals for Abominable Putridity. hahaha

All this is kinda par for the course with this dude — he’s always got so many things going on that we wonder where he finds time for little things like sleep, food, and bathing. Hell, he didn’t even mention all his video projects, which include directing and editing the new Annotations of An Autopsy video for the song “Bone Crown” (you can check that out here).

If you’re interested in more info about Cam’s references to Disfiguring the Goddess, there’s a lot more detail about that in the post and interview we put up in February (here).

If you don’t know about Abominable Putridity, it’s an uber-brutal death-metal band from — of all places — Moscow, and Cam’s got some history with that band which includes going to Russia for some live performances. We’ll be looking out for the new album.

And as for that remix of “Disengage” by Suicide Silence, it’s a real mind-bender. CM Distro is selling a 7″ blue vinyl that includes the remix as well as the original Suicide Silence single, and the remix is also available on iTunes. We’ll make it easy for you to hear that mutha (check below).

UPDATE: We decided to write more about the “Disengage” remix and related stuff.  For that, click here.

Suicide Silence – Disengage (Big Chocolate Remix) from RaskMusic on Vimeo.


  1. fuckkkkkkkin sickk mates! Cameron can punch me in the fuckkin face whenever he wants. that d00d is a freakin beast.great work:]

  2. cam is one of the sickest vocalist i know .. i think mitch from suicide silence is #3 cam from DTG #2 and brooke from impending doom #1

    • Damn good list — and 2 out of your top 3 are involved in that “Commissioner” project. Should be very interesting to hear what they come up with.

  3. Are you guys that fucking dense. Oh I am going to join one of the most insane tech death bands of all time, record vocals to an entire album, gain publicity and then decide “Hey, Fuck this I don’t like it.”. Real intelligent. Now he’s going to record vocals for another band and just walk away from that shit. This guy utilizes his fucking ego and benefits from everyone wanting a piece of his incoherent gutturals.

    • Ouch! In fairness to Cam, he was involved with Abominable Putridity before agreeing to join BTM as its vocalist, and he made clear at the time he joined BTM that it wasn’t a permanent decision. When we interviewed him in February after the announcement that he was joining BTM (see our earlier post), he said this: “I’m only taking this semester off as of now, and i’ll be returning full time in the fall. Before I joined and agreed to do the new BTM album, I let the band know that after the europe tour that I wanted to keep my options open and not be a permeant member just yet. I have my dedication I owe to DTG and my Solo music and not too mention my school. I basically want to see how it goes and how I feel about my role in BTM; and this is a great opportunity to experience doing music like this.”

      So, BTM knew this could be a temporary partnership, particularly with Cam going back to school this fall. I think they saw benefits of hooking up with Cam, even if it turned out to be a one-off thing, just as he did. They got publicity and fan cross-over just like he did. Selfishly, I wish this union had lasted longer than it did, because I think BTM is awesome and I think Cam is awesome — but I don’t see any valid basis for ripping Cam over his decision to move on.

    • No, you’re a fucking moron. Any idea how to read? The whole thing was temporary with BTM. As is the bit with AP. He makes sure they understand this, as they most likely do.

      Pull your head out of your ass, fuckface.

      • Yea I agree, although I do like Cam’s vocals you can’t understand a fucking word he is saying and it’s really low how he is using his vocal talent to jump around from band to band just to get more known in the music scene.

  4. Yes Russia!!!

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