Jun 202010

The following video was filmed at the 2010 Download festival in England about a week ago. The camera is fixed, and the point of view is from behind the stage looking out at the 50,000+ audience. The band is Unearth, playing “Sanctity of Brothers”.

The sound quality isn’t great, but this is a cool thing to watch, for at least three reasons:  (1) It’s Unearth; (2) the massive fucking circle pit in action from the beginning (and again at the end); and (3) the sight of thousands of arms flashing skyward when Trevor Phipps begins leading the chant near the end.

Assuming the embed works OK, take this one to full-screen mode. Looks like it was an awesome party.

  2 Responses to “CIRCLE PIT!!!”

  1. I was there. It was awesome. To be borne in mind – they were the first band on on the first day. LOTS of anticipation beforehand, and they tapped right into it…

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