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Not too long ago, we told you about a Metal Blade summer sampler available as a free download on Amazon.com that includes a remarkably strong line-up of music. Unfortunately, we’ve heard that folks outside the U.S. can’t get the download from Amazon.com — though it’s probably already up on some download site if you look for it.

Yesterday, we found another free summer-oriented comp of music, this time from Canada — and it also includes some hot-shit music from some ass-kicking bands, including NCS favorites Neuraxis, Bloodshoteye, Odium, and The Last Felony, plus music from bands we don’t know but are curious to check out.

Most of the music is from previously released albums, but the comp does include a previously unreleased track from Drudgery and a song from The Last Felony‘s forthcoming new release.

The download is being made available by Sonic Unyon, a Canadian record label, distributor, and online retailer. After the jump, you can see the track listing for the album and info about how to get it (plus we’ll give you a couple tracks to stream right here, just to wet your whistle . . .)

1. DERELICT – Summoning the Firestorm 
[Taken from the album “Unspoken Words” released by Year of the Sun Records 2009]

2. NEURAXIS – The Apex (Live)
[Taken from the album “Live Progression” released by Galy Records 2007]

3. BLOODSHOTEYE – Killing Time  
[Taken from the album “Expect the Unexpected” released by CDN Records 2009]

4. ODIUM – Frailty  
[Taken from the album – “At the Bottom” released by Year of the Sun Records 2009]

5. WE, THE UNDERSIGNED – Pangaea Mind
[Taken from the album “Bleed the Constants” released by Diminished Fifth Records 2009]

[Taken from the album “Spectrum” released by Iron Clad Recordings/Metal Blade Records 2009]

7. THE LAST FELONY – Quandary  
[Taken from the album “Too Many Humans” released by Lifeforce Records 2010]

8. MISGUIDED AGGRESSION – Mustard Gas and Roses
[Taken from the album “Hatchala” released by Year of the Sun Records 2009]

9. REANIMATOR – Standards of Failure  
[Taken from the album “Ignorance is no Excuse” released by Galy Records 2009]

10. RUSTED DAWN – Where Turns the Tide
[Taken from the album “The Black Tides of War” released from Diminished Fifth Records 2010]

11. DEADWALK – Conqueror
[Taken from the album “Scandalous” released by Year of the Sun Records 2009]

12. VATICAN – Dysangile  
[Taken from the album “Shotgun Evangelion” released by Galy Records 2009]

13. THY FLESH CONSUMED – Devout Heathen  
[Taken from the album “Unrepentant” released by Diminished Fifth Records 2009]

14. DRUDGERY – The Uprising  
[Previously unreleased]

15. THE DAISY ANTHESIS – m.m.b.m.m.b.  
[Taken from the album “Surface and the Sky” released by Diminished Fifth Records 2010]

16. ENDAST – Pray for Rain 
[Taken from album “Odds Against Tomorrow” released independently]

A word of explanation: In order to download the album from the Sonic Unyon store, you have to go through the registration and checkout process, just as if you were actually paying money for the album, except you’ll never be asked for a method of payment. Basically, what that means is you’ll have to provide a name and address.

Click the “add to cart” button at the bottom of the page, go through the registration and checkout, and at the end of that process, you’ll get a download button — without paying anything — and you’ll be good to go.

Here’s the link.

And we said we’d give you some whistle-wetters, and we don’t lie.  Here ya go:

Neuraxis: The Axis (Live)

Odium: Frailty

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