Jul 032010

This seems to be video day here at NO CLEAN SINGING. We didn’t plan it that way, but we just keep running across brand new videos from bands we like.  Here’s one more.

This one veers pretty far outside our usual stomping grounds. It’s another one of those radio-friendly hard-rock songs that Apocalyptica has been putting out with name-brand guest vocalists. This particular offering, “End of Me”, features Gavin Rossdale, former lead singer of Bush and current husband of Gwen Stefani.

So, the song isn’t metal, but it’s an Apocalyptica song, and your NCS co-authors have had way too much headbanging fun at their live shows in Seattle to ignore even a non-metal song like “End of Me”. So, we’re invoking our Exception to the Rule rule and posting the video. It’s a catchy song, it features a bunch of long-haired dudes rocking out on their cellos, and it ends with an ornately dressed woman fading into smoke.

If you’re in the mood for that kind of thing, you can watch the vid after the jump. And if not? Have a nice fucking day anyway.

P.S. If you have any problems watching the video on this site, you can see it on the Apocalyptica site at this location.

  2 Responses to “APOCALYPTICA: END OF ME”

  1. Aside from buffering issues on my end, I like it.

    It’s cool that Apocalyptica’s made it this far and people dig them like they do. Moving beyond Metallica covers to do other bands’ material and eventually writing original material was what they needed to do, otherwise they’d probably be more of a gimmicky band that a lot of people wouldn’t take seriously. Plus, they seem to have help give non-standard instruments in metal a bigger audience, allowing other bands to get some exposure that they might not have had. Both bands that came before Apocalyptica and those that have emerged in the past ten years or so (however long they’ve been at it) have probably benefitted.

    Well, I think that’s how it’s worked out. My fellow metalheads are quite hard to figure out sometimes.

    • I agree. No matter how talented they are, Apocalyptica would have been relegated to the ranks of a novelty act if they hadn’t branched out, adding drums and vocals and creating their own songs. The fact that the branch they followed took them more in the direction of hard-rock than metal created massively greater exposure, apparently without costing them their metalhead fans in the process. One reason they didn’t lose me and my collaborators at this site (as I said in the post) is that their live show is so awesome. They’re a complete kick in the ass to watch and hear “in the flesh.”

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