Jul 252010

Fucking Death Metal!   Death Fucking Metal!   Metal Fucking Death!

The Crown is back.

Knew they had re-formed. Knew they’ve made a new album. Coming out on September 27. On Century Media.

Didn’t know they’ve put up a brand new song from the album. Happened two days ago. Called “Blood O.D.”

Now I know. Just listened to it. More than once. Kinda out of breath now.

Will be more coherent after the jump. Also after the jump is the new song.

Fucking death metal. Ass-kicking music. Trying to take deeper breaths.

Okay, I’m a little better now.

About The Crown: The band was founded in 1990 in Trollhättan, Sweden, under the name Crown Of Thorns but had to change their name to The Crown in 1998.

They put out their first album in 1999, called Hell Is Here. The second one, Deathrace King, was released the next year, and included guest vocals by Tomas Lindberg (At the Gates) on “Devil Gate Ride”. Lindberg then replaced original vocalist Johan Lindstrand on Crowned In Terror (2002), the band’s third album.

Lindstrom returned to the band for the fourth album, 2003’s Possessed 13. And the band also decided to re-record Crowned In Terror with Lindstrom on vocals, and released the revised album in 2004 under the name Crowned Unholy. The same year, the band broke up. Lindstrom then started a band called One Man Army and the Undead Quartet (which btw has put out some awesome music and has a new album on the way).

In 2008, the entire line-up other than Lindstrom formed a new band with Andreas Bergh (Swordmaster) called Dobermann. Vocalist Jonas Stålhammar (God Macabre) later replaced Bergh, and in December 2009 they changed the name of the project to The Crown.

So, if you’re keeping a scorecard, the current line-up is now Stålhammar (vocals), Marko Tervonen (guitar), Marcus Sunesson (guitar), Magnus Olsfelt (bass), and Janne Saarenpää (drums).

Okay, enough data for all the true metalhead geeks out there. The salient point is this: Possessed 13 was, in our humble opinion, a landmark album in the discography of Swedish death metal. Seven years later, it still sounds awesome.

So we are stoked about the fact that The Crown is back and are on the verge of releasing a new album. Will it be as good as Possessed 13? We’ll see.

But two days ago the band put up a new song from that album, and it’s solid. It’s more than solid. It’s Metal Fucking Death.

Uh, Death Fucking Metal.   Fucking Death Metal.   All that shit.   Listen:

P.S. Fucking Metal Death!  Death Metal Fucking!  Metal Death Fucking!  (Thank you Elvis).

  12 Responses to “THE CROWN. THE CROWN? THE CROWN!”

  1. You forgot Metal Death Fucking, but that probably carries a different meaning…

    I like it so far. The Crown is one of many bands I never really got into, but my tastes have changed and expanded over the years and they could very well be a band that I can get into now if I couldn’t before.

  2. There’s a good chance that on the day this album is released I will have to be taken down by police marksmen as i’ll be runnign through the streets on a metal fueled rampage.

    God I love The Crown.

  3. hell yeah im glad the crown has returned with some new stuff its been awhile lol all ine need is a new naglfar and wintersun cd this and my summer will be forfilled. has anybody had the chance to listen to ihsahn from emeperor he pu out a new cd called after its freakking awsome

    • There’s supposed to be a new Wintersun out sometime this year. It’s really been delayed a long time. I’m looking forward to that one, too. And Ihsahn’s “After” is indeed awesome.

      • for sure i thought it would be hard to top his first release the adversary but he really let all hang on after. especially
        with that 8 string guitar. If you have heard of scarve they have a new album in the works i believe they have a member of mnemic in there. it’s going to rock

        • Scarve is another band I’ve been meaning to check out. Have heard good things, just haven’t yet done it.

          • yeah scarve is worth the listen. i highly recommend it.Scarve’s drummer did the last 2 Soilwork cds
            as well as the new cd and Sybreed’s antares album. Also Scarve’s guitar player is on the new
            Soilwork cd. They are a power house duo i guess.lol

            • Wow — didn’t know about the Soilwork overlap. I’m seeing Soilwork tonight in Seattle. Last time they came through here, it was an insanely good show.

              • yeah ive seen them twice we actually opened up for soilwork and darkane
                when they toured together last year.
                i had a lengthy conversation with speed about a few of his side projects. super duper cool guy
                and really tall in person.

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