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Okay so I know I don’t write as much for No Clean Singing as I should, being a part of the brutal triad of authors and all, but I started watching the new 72-minute pro-shot live performance by Gojira that Islander posted the other day and it inspired me to explain to all of you metalheads out there why Gojira is the best the world has to offer. So gather ’round cause it’s story time. (Explanation after the jump…)

The first thing about Gojira that jumps out at me is something that I don’t think is widely recognized, which is the fact that this band was formed in 1996 in Bayonne, France. Gojira was known as Godzilla until 2001 and since their first studio album in 2000, the band has not undergone a single lineup change. That only does more to prove this band’s dedication to their craft. They have been at it for almost 15 years, and it shows.

The members of Gojira were raised in Bayonne, which is a city on the southwest coast of France, and the surrounding countryside and rugged coastline serve as inspiration for Gojira’s interest in nature and the earth.

One of the coolest things about the band is that they play for a cause. Much of their proceeds go to various environmental protection agencies, especially those that are dedicated to the preservation of whales. In fact, many of the lyrical themes of the album From Mars to Sirius focus on that very cause. Gojira write their lyrics with purpose and many of their songs are poetic, transcendent, and beautiful to listen to. Unlike many metal bands, these guys know how to write.

Enough about the background stuff. One significant reason why Gojira is, in my honest opinion, the best metal band in the world is because they are all incredible musicians who put together perfectly constructed songs that are heavy as fuck. But the best part about Gojira is their live shows.

For me, listening to Gojira live is like having sex with Helen of Troy while she feeds you the world’s best chocolate as you lie in a bed of lavender. While that may sound a bit gay, it is the best way to describe the sensory overload that Gojira provides live. They are all so precise, and their music sounds so clear, even in the shittiest of clubs. They must use some secret magical French fairy dust or something because I have never heard another band come close to sounding as good as they do live.

Gojira may not be the most technical, progressive, or brOOtal band out there, but it doesn’t matter because every one of its four members plays with an unmatched mistake-free delicacy that combines Β in total harmony.

Lead guitarist and vocalist Joe Duplantier is a beast. His vocals are crystal clear and he plays with a ferocious energy that makes it apparent that he is as passionate as they come. Christian Andreu is brilliant as well. It seems as though he has fingers of gold as he never makes an error. Jean-Michel Labadie’s bass guitar is an integral part of what makes Gojira so bone-crushingly heavy. He is a perfect rhythmic backing to Joe and Christian.

And finally, Mario Duplantier. I don’t know what to say. His drum solo in the 72-minute live video is so beautifully perfect it almost makes me cry. I am not afraid to admit that I have a major man-crush on this man. He is a drumming god.

Each and every one of Gojira’s members is an outstanding musician, but when they come together, they create an unstoppable force. Each album has a distinct sound. My favorite is From Mars to Sirius because I love each and every song on the album. But my favorite Gojira song is “Love” off of their first album Terra Incognita. It is a masterwork and it is so heavy, it’s as if Jesus and Satan came together to create a musical child of unparalleled proportions.

I know it seems like I am just gushing over Gojira and it may make you want to vomit a bit in your mouth but I mean every word from the bottom of my metal-loving soul. These guys are gods among men. Simple as that.

I listen to a ton of metal and a ton of different bands that are spread out through a wide variety of genres. But if I had to describe Gojira, I would say that they stand atop their own island while all the rest of the world’s metal bands are merely fish in the sea swimming in circles attempting to figure out how to reach land. These guys are the kings of metal and it will be virtually impossible to topple their throne.

Here is an amazing video for their excellent song “Love.” If you don’t enjoy it at least 40 to 50 times I may have to kill you.

  40 Responses to “Why Gojira is the Best Metal Band in the World”

  1. 1) I HAVE enjoyed that video over 50 times.
    2) I have Gojira’s discography.
    3) I did not vomit, infact, shame on you for not properly describing how awesome Gojira is. As hard as you tried, you still failed.

    Good day to you sir!

    • It’s impossible to describe how good they really are, in fact it’s beyond words. But I did my best. Glad you share my feelings for them though.

  2. Haha I know i sensed the sarcasm it’s all good.

  3. Long time no read, guys! I wrote an artcile about these guys once. Still love them

    my friend was like hey check out this band. first song i heard was the art of dying. and it blew my fuckin mind. the intro is the most instense sound ive ever heard in a metal band. it sucks cuz i cant find any other bands out there that satisfy me like gojira.
    if you know of any out there please tell me lol but dude i went backwards(shamefully) from the way of all flesh all the way to terra incoognita. and oh man just every single song is sex for my ears.


    • Maybe IntoTheDarkness (the author of this post) will have an idea, but as for me, I have no suggestions. There simply are no other bands like Gojira — though there are now lots of bands trying to copy elements of their sound. What’s really amazing, as you pointed out, is that you can go backwards to Terra Incognita, and everything is strong — no starting-out-just-okay-and-getting-awesome-over-time, but great from the get-go.

      • exactly. i was like wow. i was thinking the way of all flesh is the heaviest thing ive ever heard (and it pretty much is), but then u listen to clone and you’re just blown away. that was 2001. there were no bands that sounded like them in 2001. plus their demos? holy shit! ’96 or 98 or whatever dude i want clean versions of their demos. i wonder if they’re on itunes or something. idk. but i am learning gojira songs on guitar and i record myself playing to help my speed and when i listen to it i just weep at how imaginative they are. Love’s breakdown just gives me chills. they started out balls-to-the-wall, all or nothing. i fuckin respect them for that. i heard they’re taking a break but im gonna do whatever it takes to get some tickets to their next show. ill sell some organs and work the street corners if i have to.

        • Yeah, they say they’re taking a long break to work on the next album. On the one hand, it’s painful to have to wait. On the other hand, they’re not cranking out crap just to have new music to sell. The good news is that this summer they’ve been recording five songs for an EP they’re going to sell on their web site to benefit an anti-whaling organization called Sea Shepherd. With any luck, we’ll have that before year-end.

          • i know i cant wait for that ep. im used to waiting though as TOOL is my second favorite band out there.
            haha. i fuckin love meshuggah too. and sea shepherd is awesome too they are pretty badass. i was at goodwill
            today and i saw a framed picture that reminded me of gojira it was so fucking epic. a picture of whales and other
            various aquatic lifeforms under a sky filled with stars, nebulae, galaxies and planets and there was a tropical
            island i was like holy crap im gettin this.

            i learned how to play backbone all the way i love playing it. sucks thought cuz all i have is a jazz guitar and no one to
            jam with me on bass or drums. or even a singer. no one around me is into gojira as much as i am. fuck i want to start a band so bad

            • I wish I knew how to play guitar, but if I were half-way decent I’d want to be in a band too. Or at least sound like Gojira riffs. I read that Gojira is now entering the studio to record the EP, so there’s progress being made. You definitely won’t have to wait as long as you do for TOOL release. πŸ™‚
              And that picture does sound epic! Definitely a Gojirian image.

              • haha i know im excited. yea i wish i was good at guitar. i am trying to learn gojira songs and man do they fuckin influence me. llyrics, image, message, sound and all. hahaha yea 5 year gaps between records. its like torture. but i am ready and willing to do whatever i have to do to get some tickets for goji’s next show/tour. ill sell an internal organ or something, i’ll start pimpin out my gf lol jk. i am not going to let myself live without seeing them at least once. i feel like i might actually be obsessed with gojira, but not in a creepy stalker way, like maybe i listen to them too much. but it sucks cuz i would listen to something else that makes me feel the same way their music does but i am hard pressed to find any. i search day and night for a gojira substitute and nothing is to be found. that makes me happy, though. makes me fuckin love goj all the more. if i ever start a band im definitely going to cover a song or two of theirs.

                • I’ve seen Gojira live one time — and no bullshit, it was a life-changing experience. It was just so perfect. They sounded far superior to most bands in a live setting, and better than every other band on the bill, which included In Flames. Great power and clarity in the sound of every instrument and the vocals. Don’t know whether they have their own sound-boad wizard or they’re just that much better in their performance. Whatever the reason, it was a totally all-consuming experience. As good as their digital recordings are, their live show is in another universe altogether.

                  • i know dude thats so sick about them. i watch vids of them on youtube and im like WOW. they have their shit together. i cant think of any bands today that sound so clear and precise and controlled like them. i mean they dont fuck up. ever. from what i’ve seen anyway. thats what makes me want to see a band in concert. i love slayer. but have you ever seen them live? i feel like a demon’s gonna kill me for talkin shit on slayer, but i dont know they could maybe tighten up a little bit? dude goj’s demo “victim” have you heard it? soo badass. i wish there was a better version of it somewhere i could hear it.

    • If you enjoyed The Art of Dying that much, I’d suggest checking out a badass Swedish metal band that’s been around since the early 90’s called MESHUGGAH! The influence is especially obvious on Esoteric Surgery off of The Way of All Flesh (one of the riffs is exactly based off of the riff in the Meshuggah song ‘Bleed’). Both are great bands and I love them each in different ways. Anyways, yeah, Gojira is most def one of the best metal bands out there right now ( and have been since Terra Incognita actually πŸ˜› ) Being a drummer myself, Mario is a huge inspiration! In fact, I’m inspired by the band as a whole; even the guitarists!

      \m/ ROCK THE FUCK ON! \m/


      • Yes, the Meshuggah influence is notable — as it is in dozens and dozens of bands — and especially on “Esoteric Surgery”. You’re right about the resemblance of one of the main riffs in that song and the dominant repetitive riff in the magnificent “Bleed”. But Gojira has added their own unique elements, and their songwriting skill is amazing.

  5. hello there fellas….I agree with the fact that gojira is the shit (in the best way possible) but what made me comment is the fact that even though “The way of all flesh” and “Obzen ” are separated by 7 months between their release date the fact that the riffs from the above-mentioned songs are similar maybe it’s a coincidence. True is nonetheless that both bands influenced alot of other bands out there so….
    Anyway….best band around…can’t wait until their next album comes out!
    Metal up u r asses and keep it real!!!

    • You’re absolutely right that the release dates were very close, and Esoteric Surgery could have been already written and recorded before Bleed became public. I would be surprised if Gojira consciously mimicked that song. I only meant to say that Meshuggah’s style of playing seems plainly to have influenced some of Gojira’s style — but that’s true of dozens and dozens of other bands, too, and it’s a good point you make that now Gojira has gone on to influence the sound of other bands itself. That’s a cool thing about music and the way it evolves. Thanks for taking time to comment . . .

  6. @Ox_Drum and Danny: Check out the post we just put up about “Bleed”, “Esoteric Surgery”, and your comments:

  7. I walked into a local cd shop a few years back. I was sick of the same old same old and was becoming bored with metal, sadly. I thumbed threw looking for bands I had never heard of. My girlfriend was talking about some metalcore band, and I was half listening to her when I saw a cd cover that had a whale on it. I stopped and looked at it, not seeing the typical “we eat blood and virgins for breakfast” and saw that it was used for 4.99 USD. I grabbed it without thinking about it and went on my way. The cd sat in the bag for a day or two until I was on my way to work and I threw it in. Skipping to track 6 “The Heaviest Matter of the Universe” (I figured if they were going to make a promise like that, might as well be the first I hear from them!)

    Needless to say, I was really late to work. This band changed my perspective on metal and restored my faith in the genre.

    • It’s funny how the most random, unthinking decisions can change our lives — sometimes in a very good way. Sometimes all it takes is a picture of a whale on an album cover . . . .

    • i know i had the same kind of reaction to gojira. my friend made me a copy of From Mars to Sirius, i skimmed thru the entire cd and only listened to Flying Whales for like 3 weeks. When i think back on all the time i wasted not knowing the intensity and passion behind the rest of the album it makes me sick. I thought Flying Whales was the most (is still one of the most) intelligent and inspiring songs i’d ever heard. When i discovered Backbone by accident, i decided to go thru the entire cd and it blew me away i was a Gojira fiend the moment i listened to the entire cd from beginning to end. Then i found out they just put out The Way of All Flesh, so i bought that instantaneously. Then i did research, got the link and terra incognita and my heart was happy again. i was getting tired of hearing my roommate listen to Suicide Silence or Job For A Cowboy and weird pig squealing bands like that. Mathcore or whatever. i cant stand that “trying to hard to be metal” noise. Gojira isnt just metal as fuck. they are intelligent, passionate, convicted, dedicated, clean, smooth, hard, heavy, powerful, and fucking respectful to their fans. I listened to slayer and iron maiden and megadeth and metallica and death and black sabbath and those are bands that i will always love no matter what (among others not mentioned) and now my list has a new headliner for the rest of my days. GOJIRA. i shit you not i have listened to gojira everyday since ive discovered them. even if its just one song. the riffs the power the lyrics, any one component of any one gojira song helps me get thru my day. my gf hates me lol cuz all i play is gojira but i dont care haha its cool cuz i consider myself somewhat of an artist i like to draw and animate and ive had this idea in my head for a long time to make a series of short animations with continuity and a certain theme based on the From Mars album. one short per song in the order of the album with a character that goes thru challenges and adventures. i wana start on it soon

  8. this band is sexxxxxxxxxxx, if bands like this didnt exist, id surley craaaaaack up πŸ˜›
    but my friend whos really into gojira showed me a band that blew my head….and my speakers πŸ˜€
    seriously, ye’ll thank me for puttin this up πŸ˜› xxxx

  9. Hmmm. In to the darkness. I really salute you for your linguistic appraisal of Gojira. I’m an Indian who spent all my life in an arab county, being deprived and kept away from beloved metal, has been a nightmare. LAMB OF GOD had been my all time favorite metal band. Unbreakable loyalty i had towards that band. Once in an interview i read that one of their favorite Bands were Gojira. That night i listened to them. Next day. GOJIRA is the motherfucking heaviest most pure bonebrushing melodic death metal band, actually best metal band ever. Their music and lyrics i swear actually connects to my soul. I feel it link with my body each time. Esoteric surgery, into the wilderness, oroborous, flying whales. Ah. Pure brutal orgasmic metal.

    • dude i feel the same. i was so into tool and ratm and lamb of god and everything like that then i heard gojira i became enlightened in a sense. the first time i’d heard anyone, let alone a metal band, talk about things that i’d thought about my entire life. deep, serious mystical ideals and concepts. i love the way they write their music and lyrics. i can only hope to see them at least once before i die.

  10. Gojira rule the roost. PERIOD!

  11. You guys all make me happy, Gojira’ s music has made my bus rides to school bearable. Add a little tool, edge of sanity with a dash of Alice in chains and am a happy girl, great talents. πŸ™‚ HIGH FIVE!

  12. Absolutely agree that Gojira is the best Metal band in the world. I’ve never heard a song before which has made my jaw drop!! (In the Forest). Every one of their songs are unique and amazing in their own right. I can’t believe it took me until L’Enfant Sauvage to listen to them, but at least it meant I could listen to all their albums and be blown away. Thank you Gojira for giving me something that I will treasure for ever.

  13. Oh come on Gojira is nothing that good.And gojira is way overrated and calling them the most heaviest band is pure foolishness.Bands like Deathspell Omega,Mitochondrion,Portal,Ignivomous,Diocletian,Archgoat,Teitanblood are much better than Gojira.And about vocals Lord Angelslayer from Archgoat can devour Joe Duplantier anyday in terms of vocals.

    • I’m sure that u enjoy that bands, it always depends of what metal subgenrs you like, i don’t go more than gojira, mastodon and sepultura, and of course, i’ve heard a lot of bands including iron maiden, cradle of filth, stratovarius, pantera, slayer, deicide and others even dragon force (a lot of metal subgenres in that group)…. but u can’t came here and throw that shit on our favorite band :D.


  14. Just stopping by to say that 4 years later this article is still right on the money.

    Saw them live for the first time a week ago and it was a all a blur of amazing sound and experience.

  15. THEY FREAKING ROCK!!! I am TEN YEARS OLD and they are my FAVORITE BAND!!! My favorite song is Toxic garbage island and Joe sings better than any other metal singer I have heard….Everything a metal band needs… They all have amazing talent (especially “super Mario”) And they are one of the only bands I ever listen to ( along with Tool, Lamb of God, Stuck Mojo, and some other awesome bands) Id curse if I could…but I won’t cause I’m ten… ROCK ON!!! \m/

  16. I’d like to find out more? I’d love to find out some additional information.

  17. Gojira continuously blows my mind. Tool was always my fave band but getting into heavier metal eventually lead me to Gojira, who satisfied me far beyond Tool, but in a similar bizarre manner. I saw them play live a couple years ago and can’t wait until they come back to Calgary.

  18. I’m new to gojira from and I’m a 53 yrs old Metalhead… My tastes range from the Stooges to Carcass and everything in between… I made a big mistake by not have listened to this until very recently. It is now on constant rotation! Doom, groove , Death, progressive… What ever your favourite genre of metal you might have… Mine being stoner.. This fucker rocks

  19. Yeah. My husband played me one Gojira song. Which turned into 2, which turned into getting the whole damn discography…Um. I’m listening now. Can’t stop and don’t want to. They are the complete epitome of everything I love about metal. Perfection. My GOD what amazing players and songwriters. Can’t wait to catch them live!!!

  20. It’s simple. Gojira will fuck you all the way up.

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