Aug 102010

If you’ve read our earlier post today with our review of the debut album (Proclamation) by Montreal’s Incarnia, you know that we’re hooked on the band. You also know that we’ve been trying to decipher the lyrics to a killer song from the album called “Yersinia Pestis”, which you can hear via our earlier post.

To incentivize you readers to help us fill in the missing lyrics — because it’s driving us crazy — here’s what we’re gonna do: For every reader who correctly fills in one of the missing blanks in the lyrics as they’re currently set out in our original post — or accurately corrects any lyrics that we were wrong about — we will send you a physical copy of the Proclamation CD. Even if some other reader also makes the same correct guess you do, you still win.

Of course, our ability to determine whether you’re right or wrong depends on our success in trying to contact the band and get the actual lyrics. But surely, we will hear from them eventually . . . .

You may ask, “How can NCS make this offer when it doesn’t have any physical copies of the Proclamation CD?” (Because, if we did, we might already know the lyrics.) For the answer to that astute question, and more details about our offer, continue reading after the jump . . . .

The answer to the question is this:  We will order from Panoptic Records as many physical copies of the CD as it takes to make good on our offer, and send them to our winners.

And your next question is, “Are those half-wits at NCS made of money?” And the answer is, you obviously haven’t yet listened to the song or read the lyrics that we’ve already deciphered. Because if you had, you would know that the remaining gaps aren’t going to be easy to fill in.

But if it turns out that we get a big slug of winners, well, worse things have happened to us. At least we’ll be helping put a little cash in the pockets of a deserving band and doing our small part to help spread their music around.


So you don’t spoil the fun for everyone else, send us your lyric suggestions by e-mail to the following address, rather than posting them as a comment on this site:

The contest is limited to entries we receive before midnight (Pacific time) on Thursday, August 12, 2010.

If you’re a winner, we’ll write back and get a mailing address from you for the CD, and, if you permit us, we’ll post your name (fictional or otherwise) on our site along with the correct lyrics to the song once we get them.

Now go listen to the damn song!  Crank it up really loud — and concentrate!

P.S. to ElvisShotJFK: You’re already entered in the contest based on your comments at our original post. 

And to state the obvious, no one else can qualify for the sweepstakes by submitting the guesses that Elvis has already made.

  3 Responses to “INCARNIA SWEEPSTAKES!”

  1. Aw, hell, I was going to suggest making a game out of this in the future, hopefully with bands helping out and supplying some CD’s rather than NCS sporting the bill. Either way, I think it’ll work and might help get some more people visiting the site and taking part.

    Of course, if you really wanna post some questionable loris inspired porn pics of yourself instead, go right ahead!

    I wonder, if the CD has the lyrics, might someone pass those along to you in case the band doesn’t respond for a while? Might be worth asking for in the posting, in case a fan is willing to help out with this sweeps.

    • The less said about loris porn, or loris-inspired porn, the better. And I actually ordered the physical CD before posting the review. I was just too impatient to wait for the CD to show up. But I’ve now found a band e-mail address (not the MySpace message contact) plus e-mail for their management, so I’m sure I’ll establish contact eventually.

      But you’re right about something like this as an idea for the future. Great minds think alike. So do feeble minds.

      • We heard from the band and now have the lyrics. And a little hint: In addition to not deciphering all the words, some of our original guesses about the words were wrong.

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