Sep 202010

Sometimes living on the West Coast means you get to find out about things when people in the rest of the country are sleeping. Like just a few minutes ago I checked some of the latest news releases and found an item that blew a hole in the top of my head.  Okay, that’s not exactly true.  It blew a second hole in the top of my head.  At least the hole that’s always been there now has company.

Here’s the news: Scion A/V and The Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim have compiled an album of rare or brand new metal releases in a package they’ve called METAL SWIM that’s available for free download beginning right now. And man, just check out this line-up of bands and songs:

Death Angel — Truce
Skeletonwitch — Bringers of Death
Torche — Arrowhead
Ludicra — Path of Ash
Kylesa — Forsaken
Black Tusk — Fatal Kiss
Red Fang — Hank Is Dead
Black Cobra — Frozen Night
Saviours — Dixie Dieway
Witch Mountain — Veil of the Forgotten
Isis — Pliable Foe
Jesu — Dethroned
Pelican — Inch Above Sand
Zoroaster — Witch Hammer

Withered — Extinguished With the Misery
Boris — Luna

Seriously, is that not one motherfucking awesome line-up or what?  It begins with a track from Death Angel‘s brand new album, and take a close look at the next-to-last song on that list. You know what that is? It’s the lead track from Withered’s forthcoming new album, which isn’t due for release until October 26.  (more after the jump, including that track and a link that gets you the whole compilation . . . .)

Withered’s new album is entitled Dualitas. It includes 8 tracks. It’s an album we really, really want to hear. And now that we’ve heard “Extinguished With the Misery,” we really, really, really want to hear it, because the song is fucking fantastic. It’s late, even here on the West Coast, so I won’t even try to describe it.  Just listen:

Withered: Extinguished With the Misery

And here’s the link that will take you to the METAL SWIM page where you can download the whole compilation album.

  5 Responses to “WITHERED AND MORE”

  1. Tarnation, I can’t wait for new Withered.

    I owe them (and TBDM) for introducing me to Necrophobic as well.

    Go Withered!

  2. I believe that’s the first time the word “tarnation” has been used at NCS. But since Withered is from Georgia, it works. Go Withered!

  3. Also, Good Fight Records put this one out on Amazon.
    Got some The Contortionist and Sons of Aurelius on it. Cheap as Free!

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