Oct 082010

Earlier today, Atheist put up the first song for streaming from their forthcoming album Jupiter. If our math is correct, Jupiter will be the first Atheist studio album in 17 years.

Some bands who’ve produced no new music in 17 years should just stay dead.  But this is Atheist, one of the true progenitors of tech-death and experimental metal. We relish the idea of a new album. We relish the thought even more after listening to the new song, “Second To Sun”. It’s a mighty fine piece of ear candy. Hear it for yourself:


  1. Any band labeled as ‘experimental’ makes me hesitant, and to be brutally honest (enter the peanut gallery comment here) “Second To Sun” started off in a manner that made me wonder whether this was going to be worth the listen.

    Fortunately, it was.

    Sounds pretty damned good. I may have to add Jupiter to [dun-dun-DUN] The List, depending on what else they may let people hear.

    • That intro does seem to be throwing people off, but the song as a whole really is good. Their early albums are so good, I can’t help but be curious about what effect the passage of this much time will have. But this is certainly a promising start.

  2. New Atheist still just as good as old Atheist this is a band that has lost nothing through the years. Granted as mentioned above that intro is a little different I think it might be the dissonant chord and angular riffage. It would remind most people of Architects and various other bands of their ilk not something most Atheist fans would like (I on the other hand love it.) It is a refreshing riff showing that despite this band still sticking to their guns and kicking ass they have not grown so complacent as to not take advantage of techniques that have become more popular in recent years.

    • Well put. I liked the opening riff myself, and as you say, it proves the band can take some newer techniques and use them to enhance their own signature approach to metal without losing what made their older music so ground-breaking and distinctive.

  3. Haven’t listened to this band in years, but upon hearing the intro, I immediately fell in love with this song. This is a little more dissonant and has a harsher sound than what I remember (I only own Unqestionable Presence) and I love it! I can’t wait until November.

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