Oct 302010

I’m in Austin, Texas this weekend visiting family and friends. 1349 and Triptykon were playing last night at a venue called Emo’s. I was tempted to go, and the group of non-metalheads I was hanging out with even indulged the idea for a while. But then, it got to be 11:00, and then 12:00, and then 1 a.m., and of course by then the idea had perished in a flood of beer and tequila. My friends probably would have run screaming from Emo’s even if I’d managed to herd them over there.

At some point during the night I got a text message from my too-infrequent NCS collaborator IntoTheDarkness raving about a band he had discovered. He doesn’t rave very much, so I decided I’d better check out the music. I was in no condition to do that last night after the flood subsided, and I’m not in much better condition this morning — but I downloaded two albums (legally) of the music ITD recommended, and I’ve been listening to random songs this morning while nursing my titanic hangover.

The weather in Austin has been stunningly good. This morning, the sky is a crystalline, cloudless blue, the air is cool and dry, and there’s an invigorating breeze. It almost makes me feel human. And sitting outside in that environment, gazing at the sky and feeling the breeze, turns out to be an almost perfect setting for this music. (more after the jump . . .)

I don’t have time to write much at the moment, so this post is really just a teaser for more to come tomorrow. And here’s the tease: listen to this song. I’m not going to tell you anything about it or about the band, except this: The song is 8 minutes, 17 seconds long, so it will require more than the average investment of your time for tracks we lay out for you at NCS.

If you’re up for it, listen to this song and leave a comment with your impressions.  I thought it was every bit as good as IntoTheDarkness claimed it would be.  Mysteries will be revealed tomorrow.

Teaser: Mystery song

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  1. Very cool…I have a couple guesses that I’m not very confident about, but I’ll keep them to myself for now. Is the band normally instrumental, or did you pick this track because the vocalist would have given it away?

    • The band is purely instrumental, and to provide a hint — it’s not really a band at all.

      • Gotcha…I think I have a much better idea who this is now…I won’t give it away, but I have three pretty solid guesses. I am thinking this has to be one of those bedroom-djent guys, but need to do some more research.

      • Oh man, I want to guess now – any disputes?

        • Nope — guess away.

          • Ok, here goes:

            Bulb (Misha Mansoor of Periphery) – man I fucking love this dude’s solo stuff but can’t really get into Periphery (a PERFECT example of clean singing bringing the music down). However, the clip you posted doesn’t sound heavy enough for Bulb, since I think he mostly uses a 7-string. I’ll put him at “maybe/likely” range.

            Cloudkicker – I heard about this dude on MetalSucks about a month ago and he owns. Highly possible.

            Tre Watson – This dude was the first bedroom-djent artist I got into, and I think he’s supposed to be putting out a new album this year. Also highly possible.

            • You got it dude! It’s Cloudkicker. I’ve heard some of Tre Watson’s stuff, and I like it, too. I will have to check out Bulb. This really isn’t the kind of metal I usually listen to, and, as is evident from this post, I’m way late to the post-rock/post-metal/bedroom-djent party.

              • Yeah man, I think I’m a bit late too. It took Animals as Leaders to really get me into it sometime last year. It’s pretty evident that all these dudes were probably raised on a healthy diet of Meshuggah.

                If that’s too proggy for you, check these guys out (MetalSucks says like older Killswitch Engage but with no vocals, and I fully agree):

                Woooo instrumental day at NCS!

  2. It was really…sweeping! Like a movie sound track.

    I have fucking no idea who or what made this…

    John 5? Just a random name of people I know to make solo albums…

  3. Band: Cloudkicker
    Album: The discovery
    Song : The discovery

    that’s what shows up at my player though

    • If I ever do this again, I’m going to have to figure out how to strip metadata out of song files. But yes, you got it. More about Cloudkicker tomorrow.

      @dan: Were you close on your guess?

  4. horns up to everyone here at the site and ist’s creators, discovered this site recently and i’m loving it, very diverse and rightfull but also fun at some points maintaining a good balance I tink…

    Sorry for my english it’s my 2nd language (I’m from Portugal) and I’m a bit rusty at it as well.

    • Thank you for those nice words! I’m glad you’re liking what we do, and I hope we continue to warrant your interest. And hey, English is my first (and only) language, and I’ve been rusty at it my whole life. 🙂

  5. It’s the truth I mean this site has the skill to open my tastes in metal big time and that’s always a good thing, so of course I’m gona keep on coming here, just have to take the time to stop listening to the music and wright down a few words xD

    • be careful man…I think Islander has a vendetta against my wallet. Since coming here I can’t stop the “buy” list of music from growing.

      • I’m in the same boat, which thankfully isn’t made from the toenails of Vikings like the one that Islander floats around on when he leaves the NCS asylum, er, compound. I’ve only bought a couple albums based on what I’ve read here, but considering how often I get to buy albums these days, that’s pretty good. Eventually, I’ll cross more off The List, but I’ll likely be adding more names faster than I can take them off.

        • It’s a two-way street. I’ve learned about lots of new music from the comments on this site that I would never have discovered otherwise, and it has really broadened my horizons. Obviously, as this Teaser post proves, I still have lots of catching up to do in genres outside what I’m usually into.

  6. I’m gonna chek those bands dan

    seems nice

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