Nov 222010

To show you just how discombobulated I am after a little time off, I totally missed the fact that yesterday was the one-year anniversary of NO CLEAN SINGING. It’s true: On November 21, 2009, my two co-founders and I put up our first post on this site. We had 9 visitors. We couldn’t even get all our friends to pay attention.

We’ve learned a lot since then, we’ve met (virtually speaking) people from all over the world, and we’ve had a fucking blast doing this. NCS has evolved into something we never would have predicted — and few things are better than a pleasant surprise.

We never set out to make money by doing this, which is why we don’t run ads, but we did promise ourselves that if we couldn’t generate interest, we’d just shut down and go find some other way to spend our free time — cuz we really had no interest in writing only for ourselves. That’s what diaries are for.

Thankfully, we found an audience for our ravings, and so we’re still here, working on Year Two. This morning we tried to think of some clever way to celebrate our One Year Anniversary, but we must have used up our weekly allotment of cleverness because all we really want to say is this: To all of you who spend part of your precious time visiting NCS, and sometimes even leaving us your comments (which we love getting), thank you for allowing us to continue with NO CLEAN SINGING. You’ve enriched our lives more than we can say. Stay metal!

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  1. You have nine friends??? Did you buy them in a factory? If so, please tell me where this factory is…

    Here’s to another year of metal, screamydeathygrowlyangry vocals, tentacled vagoos, and hopefully the mercy of the cube!!

    • Amen to that bro!
      And I didn’t say I had 9 friends. I think they were all friends of Alexis and IntoTheDarkness. I’ve tried to buy friends, but they want too much money. 🙂

  2. Happy birthday! TNOTB’s birthday is still about a month off, but the fact that we’re both still around means we’re doing something right, eh?

    • Thank you! I think in The Number of the Blog’s case, you’re definitely doing something right. In our case, we’re doing something so wrong that people in asylums have made a connection.

  3. Happy bloggiversary! Or whatever it’s supposed to be.

    Just think, if the bastards from Nigeria/Mali/Burkina Faso stop holding out on all your inheritance money, I’m sure you’ll find that you have a lot of friends – even people you’ve never met or had any kind of contact with!

    • Thank you brother. Sheepishly, I admit that this is the main reason I want all that money. Having more lorises would be nice, and it would be fun to swim in a pool of Grolsch with a nice Vortex fountain cascading nearby and the dulcet tones of Fleshgod Apocalype serenading me from the nearby palapa, but being able to buy more friends? Priceless.

  4. Happy Anniversary man. I hope you are able to keep it going for years to come.

  5. Congratulations!!! I love this site, and I check it daily. Yall are smart and witty, and I fucking love it. Not to mention that there have been some real assed discussions on here too (the conversation after M. Daniels died still stays with me). Thank you people and please keep it up. P.S. have you guys heard of the Famine??? I’m pretty sure that there new record is gonna be fucking cool and really creative…

    • I really appreciate those words, and for the mention about the comments about Makh’s death. Those have stayed with me, too.

      And The Famine? Hell yes! I loved “The Raven and The Reaping”, but I’d lost track of what was happening with their new album, since their studio burned down early this year, destroying all their gear and the tracking for the new album. Your comment set me to searching for news, and sho ’nuff — here’s what their MySpace blog reported in September: “THE FAMINE recently finished recording their new release titled “THE ARCHITECTS OF GUILT”, with D. Braxton Henry (Ex- Devourment) and mixed by Jason Suecof (The Black Dahlia Murder, Trivium). The Architects of Guilt is set for a Fall 2010 release through SolidState Records.” Yeah, I’m stoked for that.

  6. Congrats mate! I knew you had started somewhere at the same time as I did. Didn’t figure you’re just a week older though 😛

    Whatever you do: keep up the posts. NCS is fresh, open, tolerant and vibrant within the world of Metal. I’m loving it!

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