Nov 222010

Last month in one of our MISCELLANY posts, we wrote about a Danish band called The Burning and their then-forthcoming new album, Hail the Horde. We featured a song from the album called “Bait the Hook”, which we described thusly: “It’s a nasty piece of stripped-down, mid-tempo, power-groove with an absolutely killer, headbangingly-compulsive, main riff; a gritty low end that vibrates in the gut; expressive, throaty vocals; and a nice old-school, grinding breakdown that just churns and churns. . . . If you can stay still while listening to this baby, you may have narcolepsy.”

Well, the album is now out — and the band has just released an official music video for that “Bait the Hook” song.  Holy hell, I do love this song. Take firm hold of your chains and prepare to get your fuckin’ groove on.  (Thanks to the excellent Metality blog for the tip on this video.)

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  1. I love those sliding and bending harmonics they put in as a little break/bridging part between chorus and verse. It’s a lovely piece of work this song!

    Has it ever occurred to anyone that many Danish bands seem to have a more machinal approach to their music? Slightly industrial; pumping, churning, highly rhythmic, like an industrial complex. Or am I the only one to hear this?

    • Well, Mnemic and Psy:code certainly come to mind. What other bands are you thinking of? I’m certainly no expert on the Danish metal scene, but most other Danish bands I know of are thrash purveyors (Hatesphere, Demonica, Battalion) or black-metal bands.

  2. Well, death-thrash too, indeed.

    I’d check my own site for a list of Danish band and give you some more names, but my hosting provider messed something up, because of which my site is now down. Though I did pay for my continued subscription (I’ve had it for exactly a year now) and they confirmed reception of the money, they somehow didn’t continue it. I have no idea whether or when it’s going to get fixed either… They’re working on it…

  3. PLEASE …. does anyone have the lyrics to Bait the hook ??

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