Jan 042011

Seems like it was only yesterday that we had a metaphorical orgasm over a new song from a forthcoming album.

Huh. It actually was only yesterday. No wonder it seemed like only yesterday. Well, yesterday we were raving about a new song from Omnium Gatherum. And it seems like only today that we came across a brand new song from a brand new forthcoming album by yet another band we’re very high on — The Famine.

Actually, it was only today when we came across this song. Because The Famine only posted the song a few hours ago.

If you don’t know The Famine, you should check out this song, or you can check out their 2008 album, The Raven and the Reaping, which is fantastic. The new album will be called The Architect of Guilt, and it’s scheduled for release on February 15 on Solid State Records. The Famine has had more than its fair share of trouble finishing this album. Among other things, their studio burned down last February, destroying all their equipment and all the tracking for the new album as it then existed.

But based on this song, the wait and the travails were worth it. This song is a blistering, hair-raising, full-on, high-speed assault — but with a mighty sweet groove. Continue past the jump, and listen to “Ad Mortem”.

If you like what you hear, you can pre-order the new album at this location.

  4 Responses to “THE FAMINE: “AD MORTEM””

  1. Sweet tune. Is it just me or does the pic remind anyone else of something Marilyn Manson would do?


    • No, no resemblance at all. The image on The Famine cover is sideways. 🙂

      Actually, The Famine cover really does look like a combination of those two images.

  2. great improvement from them, i found their debut to be good in the beginning half but kinda lost it in the latter parts, i now have hope for this new release

  3. I thought that TRATR was great, but I’m really excited for the new one. The band sounds more like a band to me on this track, and I like how the bass is up front and growling.

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