Jan 212011

If you’ve registered as a user at NO CLEAN SINGING and ever posted a comment, you know that the image accompanying your post is a random icon called a Gravatar. If you get tired having a computer algorithm pick your icon for you, and you’d like to pick your own image, you can.

Thanks to our buddy byrd36, who reminded us, the way to do that is visit the Gravatar web page (here) and register a profile by providing an e-mail address, and then picking or uploading an image to be your icon. For example, a bunch of bats hanging from a tree like putrescent fruit. If you’ve already registered here, I assume you need to use the same e-mail you used for the NCS registration if you want the image you choose at Gravatar to appear when you post comments here. Once you’ve created the Gravatar profile, the image you picked will appear anywhere else on the web when you post a comment using the same e-mail address, as long as the site is Gravatar-enabled (and all WordPress blogs, like NCS, automatically enable Gravatar).

Sorry about the lolcat-speak in the post title. Sometimes I can’t resist — especially since I read a few days ago this stunning piece of news: There’s a Seattle-based company called Cheezburger that owns theย icanhascheezburger web site, plus a shitload of other idiotic sites, all of which collectively draw more than 16.5 million people a month and generate more than 375 million monthly page views; and on January 18, Cheezburger announced that it had raised $30 million from venture capital investors. Huh. You can make big money from lolcatz but not from playing in a metal band. Go figure.

  37 Responses to “U CAN HAZ PITCHERS”

  1. We should start lolcat captioning band photos.

    They’re all as formulaic as the stupid fucking videos….

    Honestly, how am i supposed to be scared of ANOTHER four member band standing in the dark looking as uncomfortable as a computer geek at prom.

    Except suffocation…that picture of frank mullen with a shotgun kinda makes me pee myself…

  2. And you just sent an extra load of traffic their way ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Let’s see if this sucker works…

    • I am so confused.

      • It worked! Skateboard mayhem!

        • WEEEWW!!

          And yes, that is me, railing through a corner around 65km. (Somewhere around 37mph for the americans)

          Great job Islander! And Byrd36!

          • I was gonna be impressed until you said 37 mph. Bah! My grandpa does that on his colostomy bag in the backyard.

            I am, of course, full of shit.

            • Sorry, I just did the actual conversions with a converter and it was more like 35 – 40 mph. 60 – 65km. Not to brag or anything ๐Ÿ˜›

              My conversions suck being a Canadian.

              • If I were going more than 5 mph on a skateboard on a curving downhill road, it would be enough to make me pee myself. I don’t even want to think about 35-40 mph. Massive bowel failure at a minimum. ๐Ÿ™‚

                • Haha you get used to it, work your way up. Those long consistant 50mph bombs we have in ontario get boring really fast for me, so then we start sling shotting eachother to squeeze more speed out, drafting eachother, our lead/follow car, etc.

                  This summer I plan on hitting the 100km mark. Century club anyone?

                  • Was nice knowing you bro. ๐Ÿ™‚

                    • Some people are good at catching an oval shapped ball and running with it, I’m good going fast on skateboards. Wouldn’t have it any other way ๐Ÿ˜€

                      Oh and Islander, after seeing you mention Fleshgod Apocalypse numerous times I checked them out, glad I did. Pure fucking metal.

              • “after seeing you mention Fleshgod Apocalypse numerous times I checked them out, glad I did. Pure fucking metal”: Outstanding. I do tend to go on and on about that band. Nice to know that I’m not completely delusional about them.

                • You’re only partly delusional about them. I finally got Mafia yesterday and I’m impressed with the other four songs – even the piano track that closes out the EP.

                  • That piano piece was written and performed by a guest, Francesco Ferrini, but somehow it fits. “Blinded By Fear” is a cover of an At the Gates song, but I like it better than the original.

                    • Encyclopaedia Metallum and Wikipedia list Ferrini as a band member, while he’s listed on their Myspace profile, but without a picture to go with it. Is he just a guest or a permanent member to go with FA’s evolution and incorporation of classical elements?

                      I liked “Mafia”, but I thought it would have better somewhere other than at the very end, since it seemed to me as though it was leading to something.

                  • Well, I stand corrected. Ferrini did orchestral arrangements and played piano on the Oracles debut album, as well as providing that closing song on Mafia, but I just assumed he was a session musician (in part because he’s not in any of the band photos I’ve seen). But, as you point out, he’s listed as a band member on their new MySpace page, and that seems pretty authoritative, doesn’t it?

                    • Hard to say without confirmation or denial from the band. I’ve encountered a few bands that have “session” or “guest” members, yet they are listed as being a part of the lineup – while others are the opposite case. I suppose it depends on how, when and how much a certain person contribrutes and under what condiitons. For all I know, Ferrini could be with the band, but not a part of Fleshgod Apocalypse proper – yet given recognition, whereas some other bands’ extra musicians remain mostly anonymous.

  4. Did this actually work?

  5. so let’s see if mine worked

  6. hey it worked Guess I had to wait for gravatar to refresh. LOL

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