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One week ago, we posted a piece by NCS contributor Siddharth Darbha introducing us (and many of you) to an Indian metal band called Scribe. You can read Siddharth’s article here. Siddharth noted that Scribe’s 2010 album, Mark of Teja, had been nominated for Best Album at the 2010 edition of The Jack Daniel’s Rock Awards.

By way of background, this is the sixth year for those awards, which are organized in association with Rolling Stone (India) magazine. This year, 280 entries were submitted for the 16 award categories, including Song of the Year, Band of the Year, and Album of the Year. The editors of Rolling Stone whittled the list down to five nominees in each category, and those were then presented to a nine-member jury of judges. The award winners were decided by a combination of weighted jury votes and popular votes on a specially created web site. Bear in mind that the nominees for each award came from a range of genres — not limited, for example, to extreme metal.

Last night, the awards were announced at a live event at The Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai. And guess what? Scribe pretty much ran the table, winning the Popular Choice awards for Song of the Year (“1234 Dracula”) and Album of the Year, as well as the Critics’ Choice Awards for Song of the Year and Band of the Year. Scribe’s Srinivas Sunderrajan also won the Bassist of the Year award. For all the results, go here.

Congratulations to Scribe for carrying the flag of Indian metal to the top of the heap — and congrats also to Demonic Resurrection for winning the Popular Choice award for Band of the Year. Pretty damn cool to see two metal bands like this being named Band of the Year against competitors from “more accessible” genres.

And along the same lines, did you know that on Monday of this week none other than Watain‘s album Lawless Darkness won the Swedish version of the Grammy award for “Best Hard Rock” Album of the Year? It did. “Hard rock” clearly means something different in Sweden than it does in the U.S. Holy shit.

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  1. Great news. Still haven’t gotten around to listening to more Scribe than the handlful of tracks I managed to listen to on their Reverbnation page; internet’s been flaky. “DemonPra” has gotten a lot of play over the past week, joining Demonic Resurrection and Blakc (WMP seems to think they’re Rammstein for some reason) from Indean Vol.1 as the most played tracks.

    And yeah, some peoples’ ideas of hard rock are very different. Then again, just look at the divide between the Hard Rock and Metal Categories in the Grammys and some of the nomimations are just as head-scratching as Watain being hard rock is; by that logic, you might need a band called Skullfucked By An Impact Hammer to qualify as metal.

    • When I wrote this, I was thinking to myself, if Watain is Sweden’s idea of hard rock, then what is Sweden’s idea of extreme metal? And yes, I believe you are correct. I can just imagine a presenter on-stage in a nationally televised presentation of the Swedish Grammys, with a mic in hand, “and the winner is . . . SKULLFUCKED BY AN IMPACT HAMMER!” And the crowd goes wild.

  2. BTW, Viru from DR also got the best drummer nod. Nice to see bands like these get recognition.

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