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Hey, I was wondering whether any of you dudes or ladies might be driving to Darjeeling in the vicinity of September 30?  See, I just found out there’s a metal festival that’s gonna happen there from September 30 – October 2 called Underground Unleashed 2011. And wait til you see the line-up:

Incantation (USA)
Demonical (Sweden)
Cerebral Bore (U.K)
Nervo Chaos (Brazil)
Dethroned (U.S.)
Arsames (Iran)
InnerGuilt (Lebanon)
Perversion (U.A.E)
Morbid Devourment (Indonesia)

I don’t know all these bands — yet — but the first three pretty much made me start drooling uncontrollably. I would totally be willing to share driving duties and buy a tank or two of gas. I’d bring some good tunes, too. Maybe even treat everyone to a burger when we get there. Or whatever people in Darjeeling eat that doesn’t cost much money.  (more after the jump, including more hot-shit Incantation news . . .)

Ibex Moon Records, the label of Incantation founder/guitarist/vocalist John McEntee is an official sponsor of the festival, and it will be Incantation’s first appearance in India. And in the nature of MORE FUCKING COOL NEWS, there’s this, from the same press release:

In other Incantation news, McEntee recently hooked up with guitarist Alex Bouks (Goreaphobia) and bassist Chuck Sherwood to plant the seeds for what will become the band’s highly-anticipated next album. Drummer Kyle Severn will join the fray in the coming weeks to contribute to the writing process. Though in its earliest stages, the new material promises to be the heaviest and sickest of the band’s storied career.

Uh huh. New Incantation on the way — the first new full-length in five years. ‘Scuse me while I sop up the drool.

OK, drool pretty much under control now.

So, back to catching a ride. I don’t really know how far it is to Darjeeling, India from Seattle. Might be some water to cross between here and there, but that’s what boats are for, right? I don’t get seasick, so don’t worry about spewage in the car. Or maybe we could drive a land bridge over the Bering Straits?

So, who’s up for a road trip?

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  1. Dude, I totally know where to get a pedal boat, you know with foot pedals, so if we could get a lift to the coast maybe we could hitch across India 🙂

    • Awesome idea man! I could learn how to work a sextant and navigate, and you could pedal. Sound good? Once we hit India, catching a ride is bound to be a breeze. I mean, people from all over the country are bound to be going to that show, so it won’t even matter where we hit land.

      • Sounds like a plan! I’ll strap the boat to my Red Ryder Wagon hook it to my tri-cycle and start headin’ toward Seattle in early August!

        • Can I have both of your CD collections when inevitably fail to return?

          • Oh ye of little faith! We will return in triumph. Hollywood will beat a path to our doors with lucrative offers for movie rights and book deals. We will be on TV talk shows across all known cable channels. We will make enough money to get byrd36 a prosthesis for the leg he will lose to a shark attack somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

            • A real metalhead would make the leg outta the shark that ate it

              • Oh fuck yes! And that will mean we can use the money for better things than some pansy-ass prosthesis, which would make byrd36 ashamed anyhow, at least as compared to having a fucking shark spine for a leg. Now that would be fucking metal! I can’t wait to see how byrd26 kills the shark and rips its spine out while bleeding from his stump of a leg. (I will be too busy with the important tasks of navigating by sextant to lend a hand, but will gladly stand witness to the awesome struggle.).

                • Oh, that fuckin’ shark is unfortunate that I have so long to contemplate his demise! I think I’ll make the most metal cod-piece ever from it’s dorsal fin studded with the fucker’s teeth. But, just incase, I’ll put you in my will for those CDs. 😉

                  • This trip is going to make Homer’s Odyssey seem lame by comparison. Just promise me you’ll let me eat the shark’s eyeballs. When the Indian women see the dorsal fin codpiece, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth and nubile bodies falling prostrate in awe. It’s possible we will have more trouble hitching a ride to Darjeeling, but there will be compensations.

                    • The eyes are yours! Maybe we can strap the trike and wagon to the boat and lasso a ride to Darjeeling if the codwear proves problematic.

        • Man, this is going to be so cool. But since you’ll be using the trike to get up here from Tennessee, you might wanna think about leaving a bit earlier. Like maybe next week?

        • That right there is American ingenuity at its finest. Never having been to India, I’m not sure what we would be lassoing, but as long as it’s moving faster than a guy with a shark-spine prosthesis for a leg, it will be a leg up (so to speak).

      • I’ll take my flying toilet seat and meet y’all there.

  2. Ugh, I read that as “CAN I HAS RIDE TO INDIA!?”

    Anyway, Incantation fucking slay. Haven’t seen them live in like 10 years tho, they don’t seem to do much festivals over here.

  3. While I’m sure the road trip experience is not to be missed you can actually fly from Seattle to Bagdogra, which is the closest airport to Darjeeling. It’s not the most intuitive perhaps as you end up flying the wrong way. Once you’ve made it to Bagdogra you’re still 90km (56 miles) from Darjeeling, that part is considered trivial and as such is left as an exercise to the reader. The “fastest” and “cheapest” I could find on a quick google search was:

    SEA -> AMS -> DEL -> IXB

    Total flight time 35 hours, you should leave 2 days before you want to be there.

    (and for those of you not fluent in IATA codes that’s Seattle, Amsterdam, Dehli, Bagdogra).

    • Egad — 35 hours?!? I fly the wrong way on a daily basis, but surely byrd36 could make better time than that in the pedal boat, particularly after the shark attack spurs the need for urgent medical attention. Also, I’m not sure I want to fly in to a place called Bagdogra. Something about that name scares me. And even though IATA codes sometimes make sense, wonder how the powers that be came up with “IXB” for Bagdogra?

      • Well several respected Indian carriers fly to Bagdogra so I wouldn’t be too worried about the flight there at least. I’ve never been so I can’t comment on the place in and of itself. However I’m tempted to go just so I can add it as an odd place to have visited. (not to mentioned having flown to, how many people have IXB on their openflights map) 🙂

        My best guess at why it’s called IXB is because they ran out of any codes that make sense. Every single nominally used airstrip, civil and military has a IATA code. So at some point they run out of codes that make perfect sense, there are also cases where they choose a different code (eg Washington Dulles was supposed to be DIA but since Regan National was already DCA, DIA was considered too easily confused and as such they made it IAD instead)

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