Feb 032011

Yes, tomorrow is a red-letter day here at NCS.

And the red letter is “D”.

We have been given the chance to exclusively premiere a track from a forthcoming new album by a band that every true metalhead will know immediately, and it happens to be one that is near and dear to our nasty, black NCS hearts.

We don’t know what we did to deserve this. It certainly wasn’t the result of clean living and good works. Maybe all those weekly animal sacrifices finally paid off. Anyway, we’re humbled, honored, and highly excited about tomorrow. Since we really have all you readers to thank for giving us this chance, we hope you’ll get something radical out of it, too, just as we have.

So, don’t forget to stumble by NCS tomorrow for some good ear-shredding and brain-scrambling as we deliver the world premiere of an ass-burning song by a legendary band. And, in honor of the occasion, feel free to etch that letter “D” into your forehead with a rusty, blood-caked razor-blade, just like your friends at NCS have done!

  23 Responses to “TOMORROW IS A RED-LETTER DAY”

  1. Devildriver? DAATH? Disarmonia Mundi? Deity? Decapitated? Decrepit Birth? Dark Fortress? Dimmu Borgir?

    Have I mentioned it yet?!

  2. Deicide?
    Dark tranquility?
    Dying Fetus?

  3. Assuming that comment about carving things into your head was a hint. I believe this may be a track from the new Deicide album

  4. HOMAGE FOR SATAN…part 2?

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