Mar 082011

I just saw an announcement this morning that riveted my attention. I hadn’t heard any previous buzz about this, and it’s an amazing surprise. There will certainly be tremendous buzz ahead.

The announcement is about a new “supergroup” called T.R.A.M., which I’m guessing is an acronym for the band’s members. Check this out:

Adrian Terrazas (The Mars Volta) on saxophone, flute, bass clarinet and percussion.

Javier Reyes (Animals As Leaders) on guitars.

Tosin Abasi (Animals As Leaders) on guitars.

Eric Moore (Suicidal Tendencies) on drums.

They’ve been signed by Sumerian Records, and their debut album, Lingua Franca, is scheduled for a May release. There’s no music to hear yet, but a new song is supposed to appear soon. The band is supposed to perform their first show ever at SXSW as part of NJ’s WSOU 89.5FM’s showcase on Thursday, March 17th in Austin. I have no idea what this music will be like, or if it will even be metal, but in light of who’s in this band, I will sure as fuck listen to it at the first opportunity. We will keep you updated, and if you want to follow developments on your own, T.R.A.M.’s new Facebook page is here.

  13 Responses to “T.R.A.M.”

  1. You got a day off mate?

    On topic: that does sound incredibly promising! Whatever it will be, it’s likely to feature seven-string guitar frenzy, don’t you think?

    • Yes, seven-string guitar frenzy — plus sax, flute, and clarinet!

      No, no day off. You see, it’s still only 5:30 am where I live. I can’t sleep. Still hours to go before I must arrive at my fucking day job.

  2. Ah, an insomnia patient! Well, gives you time to get ahead of the posting days. I’m having a really calm fuckin’ time at work. Hardly anything to do in the last few days. Just waiting for a new assignment.

    • Calmness at work sounds delightful. As for insomnia, I have zero trouble falling asleep, but I wake up many hours before I want to and then can’t go back to sleep. The upside is more time to blog. The downside is I feel and act like a zombie all day. Except I haven’t yet developed a hungering for human brains. Yet.

  3. It may sound nice, but it’s excessively boring!

    How about pigs’ brains?

  4. Sounds cool. Think they play 8 strings too. I’m in Austin so I’m gonna see if I can’t hunt them down…

    • Luck you! Here’s more info about the SWSX performance from the press release: “March 17th at Venue 222 (222 E. 6th St. in Austin, TX). They will perform alongside labelmates The Faceless plus Ultrageist, Meek Is Murder, Death On Two Wheels and Beta Wolf. This event starts at 1PM and is all ages, but you need to RSVP at to guarantee entry.”

  5. Thanks man. I just got the opportunity to work Tues-Fri, but I’ll be on E 6th street so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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