Mar 122011

In retrospect, I over-promised in today’s first post. Only three of the songs in that post qualify as skull-rattlers. I’m worried that the fourth one may have allowed your skull contents to settle back into their usual place. Have to fix that.

Lo and behold, I just saw two more videos that will finish the job I tried to start in the first post. One is high-quality footage of Deicide playing live in Denver on March 2. Clips of the entire concert have just been uploaded to YouTube. I picked footage of Deicide performing “Conviction” — one of the songs off the new album, To Hell With God. I’m so bummed I missed this tour when it came through Seattle last weekend. Death fucking metal! Fucking death metal! Metal fucking death!

The second video is for a song by an Albuquerque, NM, band called Noisear. The song is called “The Last Spark of Resistance”. It’s from Noisear’s second full-length, Subvert the Dominant Paradigm, which was released last month on Relapse Records. I haven’t yet heard the album, but this song will give your cranium a thorough death-grind drubbing. The video isn’t terribly original – scenes of natural and man-made apocalyptic occurrences – but as Hobbes said of the life of man in a state of war, the song itself is “nasty, brutish, and short.”

Both clips are after the jump . . .


  1. Can never go wrong with some Saturday morning Deicide. I guess today’s trivia question is what does Glen’s shirt say? “Angry White …” what?

    • “Angry WhiteBoy”. See this, and scroll down to the photo of Glen:

      It’s not the same shirt, but if you go to the “Store” link on that site, you’ll see the one he’s wearing in the video.

      • I was going to say “Angry White Australian Boy”. I say this because they keep cancelling the Aus tours. I don’t blame them for that, because I don’t know the real reasons behind it, but it would be good to see them over here again before they get arthiritis in their hands and Benton’s voice can no longer belt out screams of the Underworld.

        None the less, a very good start to the morning.

        • Yes, the day will come when Glen will have to wear shirts that say “Angry White Arthritic Old Man”.

          And then right below that on the shirt, “Who Can Still Call Down Hellfire On Your Scrawny Asses!”

          • YES, Deicide will always be known as the No 1 Legends of Death Metal. I nearly said ‘Gods’ of Death Metal but I’m guessing you know why I said Legends instead of Gods.

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