Mar 212011

Four days ago we featured a new Anaal Nathrakh song called “Volenti Non Fit Iniuria” from their next album, Passion, which will drop on May 23. To use a phrase that only highly trained metal journalists such as those employed by NCS are sophisticated enough to use, it’s a fuckin’ destroyer.

We’re not even finished reeling from that first song, and lo and behold there’s another one out today. This one’s called “Paragon Pariah”. It’s streaming at the DECIBEL magazine web site. It comes with these instructions from vocalist Dave Hunt: “Set volume to ‘kill’ and press ‘blast’.”

Those instructions are just barely simple enough for me to follow, so I did that — and I’m still picking up my teeth off the floor. Fuck . . . . I didn’t even mind the clean singing.

I’m such a selfish asshole that I’d really like to embed the song right here for you, but I can’t do it yet. So I will grudgingly give you this link.


  1. I’ve got such high hopes that this could well be album of the year come December. There’s just such real, honest passion bleeding through in both the vocals and the instrumentation, rather than some of the sterility which I have found creeping into some of the music I love recently.

    Plus they have just the best riffs and choruses in the world.

  2. While this song is fucking amazing, I think the instructions would have been more apt for the song you featured the other day. It had more of the kill / blast vibe, today’s song was more mellow, yet equally excellent.

    • My thoughts exactly. When I put a comment about this on our Facebook page, I wrote this (which I wish I had thought of before finishing the post): “Man, we just wrote about a new Anaal Nathrakh song last week, and here comes another one. It won’t knock out most of your teeth like the first one did, but that’s okay, because it still destroys. Plus, you may need your few remaining teeth if your local market runs out of baby food.”

  3. YESSS. I of course don’t have time to listen to this at this very moment, but the last song was AWESOME!!!!! I can’t wait ’til tomorrow to hear this. For some reason I too don’t mind the clean vocals, in fact, they’re a nice addition to the music based on the last song.

    • Anaal Nathrakh are a band that I think does clean vocals right (at least most of the time), in many songs they’ll build up something utterly dirty and almost unlistenable for several minutes (or several songs) and just when you’re almost ready to give up, they’ll break into one of the very melodic pieces with cleaner singing. Now it can get overused, one can point to perhaps “Hell is Empty…” while I like the album I can understand why some got annoyed at it’s very frequent use of this trick.

      • Never, “Hell Is Empty…” is one of the greatest albums of all time, and I will fight to the death to defend its good name!!!

        • To clarify, I have no problem with it, but there are people who think they went too far with the melodies and clean singing on it. That is all.

      • Another example of my deficient education. I haven’t listened to the albums before In the Constellation of the Black Widow. But I do really like the use of clean vocals in this new song. It makes a good contrast, and although it’s clean, it’s still not pretty. 🙂

  4. I like this even more than the other song. Anaal Nathrakh seem to just keep improving, every album better than the last. The only thing I don’t like about them is that they don’t publish their lyrics. What I got from the interviews with Dave Hunt and the moments where you can actually understand what he sings seems to be a lot more interesting than the “orthodox” or “religious” stuff that’s so popular in Black Metal at the moment. (Not that I have much of a problem with that, religion has always fascinated me. I just don’t believe in it.)

    • Absolutely — I have the sense that knowing the lyrics in full would add to the appreciation for the music, and I don’t get why they have an iron-clad rule about not releasing them. This song is an example. Based on Hunt’s comments accompanying that DECIBEL piece, it appears this song is based on an influential 1845 book by a German philosopher named Max Stirner. The Font of All Human Knowledge provides this excerpt from the book:

      “In the time of spirits thoughts grew till they overtopped my head, whose offspring they yet were; they hovered about me and convulsed me like fever-phantasies — an awful power. The thoughts had become corporeal on their own account, were ghosts, e. g. God, Emperor, Pope, Fatherland, etc. If I destroy their corporeity, then I take them back into mine, and say: ‘I alone am corporeal.’ And now I take the world as what it is to me, as mine, as my property; I refer all to myself.”

      • I once read the first chapter of this book and from what I’ve read his philosophy can be summed up by the words “fuck everything else, only I matter” which is an attitude I’m generally not a fan of. Still, it’s a much more interesting theme for a metal song than the usual suspects.

  5. I have one of their earlier albums that I got when I first started listening to death metal four or five years ago. It was a good album, but a bit too rough around the edges for me to really appreciate.

    But I think it’s about fucking time I got into them. This song, as jh mentioned, does a PERFECT job of using clean vocals.
    I wish more bands could learn, if nothing else, that clean vocals does not equal whining.

    • clean vocals do not equal whining?

      Any ideas? Is “clean vocals” singular or plural?

      I’m going with singular, since we’re referring to a singular group of things…but I can’t decide….

      • Well, you’ve come to the right place for a quality-check on your grammar, since I is a serious student of grammars and I has perfect pitch when it come to verb-subject agreement. I believes you are dead wrong and that “clean vocals” take a plural verbs.

        • Aftur mine considering muches, probably right i think you shoukd be.

          Clean vocals do not whining!

          On a more important note: i have the necro codex, but i was thinking of getting a newer album. Any recommendations?
          What, in your opinion (for everyone), is their best?

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