Mar 222011

There is apparently a video game called Homefront. I know nothing about it, except this:

The creators of Homefront have produced a compilation album that they bill as a soundtrack for the game. It’s available for free download — IF you’re one of the first 25,000 people to hit their site and download it. You have to give an e-mail address with a mailbox you can actually then go check for a download code.

This thing just went up not long ago, so they can’t possibly have hit 25,000 yet, or anywhere close to it. At least they weren’t at the limit when I downloaded my copy before writing this post.  What? You think I should have written the post and then downloaded my copy? Hey, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you, but a guy’s gotta have his priorities, amirite?

The comp includes war-oriented cover songs by a bunch of mostly good bands, including As I Lay Dying, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Acacia Strain, The Ghost Inside, Misery Signals, and Veil of Maya.  After the jump, check out the track list and get the link for the web page where you can do the download.

Here’s the track list:

Got that?
OK, here’s the link.

  9 Responses to “WAR MUSIC?”

  1. Thanks man, this is sweet. Free music is great.

    • You’re welcome. The downloads must still be working . . . I’m just about to start listening.

      • Really pleasantly surprised with what I’m hearing…except for Periphery’s cover of One. Though the guitar work is stupendous, the vocals are killing my buzz (as is the case with the rest of Periphery’s stuff, hence why I prefer Bulb as a solo artist).

        • I’ve been jumping around on the album and loving what I’ve heard so far — bands that are really stepping outside their usual styles. I’m intentionally leaving Periphery to the end, especially after seeing your comment.

          • So what did you think of that Periphery track? I gotta tell you, my favorite so far has been The Ghost Inside’s cover of CCR’s Fortunate Son.

            • I actually liked the Periphery cover better than I thought I would, but if I were to rank the songs, it would still be near the bottom. I think the absolute bottom would be the Winds of Plague cover. It was just kinda dull and uninspired.

              I’m having a very tough time picking a favorite. The Ghost Inside cover is definitely a contender for best track, partly because the Credence song is just so wonderful to begin with and partly because they do such a great job with it. But I also really like the tracks by The Acacia Strain, As I Lay Dying, and Misery Signals, partly because they’re so different from what I was expecting. I had high expectations for the Veil of Maya cover because that U2 song is one of my all-time favorites and I’m a VoM fan, but the cover was unrecognizable. If I didn’t know what they were playing, I’d think the song was decent. But when an original song is as great as that one, there ought to be some resemblance between a cover and the original, shouldn’t there?

  2. Wahooo!! A free download that works outside of the U.S, how very novelty.

  3. ohh that is actually very cool, great way to promote bands and the game.
    i hope other video game companies (or any other kind of media) pick this idea up.

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