Mar 292011

Do you know about EPIC MEAL TIME? It’s some kind of ongoing, web-only video series. The motto is “We make your dreams come true, and then we eat them.” I didn’t know about this thing until earlier today when a video link from a Facebook friend led me to the latest installment in the series, which was just uploaded.

I don’t know if what happens in this video is the template for all the installments, but in this one, a bunch of armed dudes (the Epic Meal Time crew, no doubt) walk into an Indian restaurant, take it over at gunpoint, and oversee the preparation of a meal — the centerpiece ingredient of which is curry candied bacon.

I was going to save this thing until I had enough additional items for a full THAT’S METAL! post, but it’s just so fucking awesome that I couldn’t wait. Here were my reactions as I watched:

Why is he sniffing her scarf? Bacon goes with everything, right? Why didn’t I think of bacon-curry Jack Daniels shots? I want my own man-bread. I’m getting queasy. Now I’m getting hungry. Now I’m getting queasy again. I would not want to be near the john when these dudes take their next shit.

Go for it after the jump . . . and be sure to share your own thoughts in the comments. Disgusting or delectible?

There’s more of this shit at the Epic Meal Time web site.

  22 Responses to ““THAT’S METAL!” – BUT IT’S NOT MUSIC (NO. 33)”

  1. Dude you should watch the protein bar one. If you’re into training like I am, you’ll be both enticed/hungry and disgusted/sick.

  2. my cholesterol got higher just from watching that
    Ive got a friend who is a huge fan of these dudes and he finds all of the shit they do delicious, i have to admit that the epic dessert they did (plus the two babes that were eating it) look delicious.

  3. I love these guys!

    The one you absolutely have to see (the most outrageous one of all): A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig. That’s just priceless! “Bacon strips, bacon strips, bacon strips, bacon strips, bacon strips”.

    They now sell T-shirts as well I believe.

  4. This is….absolutely fucking disgusting. I think it’s more disgusting that watching two women fuck each other with an octopus.

    And yet it’s goddamn hilarious and awesome!

    But what is with the main guy? He looks like he’s done so much speed and heroin he’s not sure if he’s dead or dreaming.

    • The main guy is what makes this so fucking funny. He’s even more hysterical in some of the other videos. He’s like the Epic Meal Time version of Frank Mullen.

      • HAHAHAHAHA!!!

        I’ve only ever seen one interview with Frank Mullen, but he didn’t seem that fucked up.

        • To be clear, Frank is not fucked up. He’s one of the most grounded, no-bullshit, clear-headed dudes there is. But he’s also funny as shit, just like this Epic Meal Time dude, except about half the time I don’t think Frank is trying to be funny. Things just don’t always come out in the way normal people can understand.

  5. Oh, shit, this is fucking AWESOME!

    • I’ve seen this before, and I shit my pants laughing every time I see it. It is so fucking CHOICE. And, happy coincidence, the interviewer is the same dude who created the Disfiguring the Goddess music which is the subject of one of yesterday’s posts.

      • Oh, SNAP! I saw the Big C thing on both the post and on the video, and my brain totally went, “Is that the same…? Nawwww…”

        Silly me.

        • Fuck yeah — same dude. He does lots of other things, too, besides tempt a massive ass-kicking by asking hilariously shit-eating questions of Frank Mullen.

  6. In Sweden, every meal is metal. Observe, Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time

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