Mar 292011

We’ve written about Cam Argon, a/k/a Big Chocolate, before. Many times before, in fact, though not recently. What first attracted our attention to him back in 2008 was his involvement in a brutal death-metal project called Disfiguring the Goddess.   You can find a bit of the backstory about DTG in this post we ran more than a year ago. Cribbing from that post, we described the original DTG EP like this: “a raw, distorted vortex of brutal, slamming death metal marked by some truly distinctive vocals.”

Since surfacing as a cult-figure-on-the-rise through DTG, Cam has gone on to do many other things, including dubstep, remixes, a project called Commissioner with Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence, making music videos, and a stint as the vocalist for Burning the Masses. His musical interests are, shall we say, varied.

But no matter how far and wide Big C’s musical creativity has taken him (or will take him), there have been a solid mass of core fans interested mainly in one question: When will there be new Disfiguring the Goddess music? The question is now answered, because yesterday Cam Argon uploaded an entire new album’s worth of DTG music to Soundcloud.

The album is called Circle of Nine. Based on previous reports, we assume Big C recorded all the songs with ex-Misericordiam blaster Phil Cancilla on drums and Joe Broodle on guitar, in addition to the instrumental and programming work that Big C himself did. [Update: that was a bad assumption — we’ve now heard from Cam, and he did this whole album by himself, all the vocals, guitars, and drum programming.] And, of course, there are those distinctive vocals.

We’ve just started listening to these tracks this morning, and goddamn, it will spin your fucking head around and then tear it off. Fast, brutal, jolting, unpredictable, instrumentally inventive, and anchored by the most gut rumbling, abyssal, brutal-death vocals on the planet. Check it out for yourselves — the whole album stream is after the jump.

Circle Of Nine by disfiguring the goddess


  1. I’m a true fan of Big C, but this album is a total disappointment for me. No progression is made since the first EP, it’s just like the “extended” version of it. Or maybe I was just expecting something more unique.

  2. i love big chocolate and dtg, but this album had no progression. 🙁 maybe because he did it all by himself? i dont know. it just sounded sort of similar every song. i feel as if he could of made the vocals heavier. the guitars and drums weren’t very heavy or interesting. 🙁
    im still a fan of DTG. <3


  4. I’m a huge fan of everything Cameron have been doing but sadly this isn’t what I expected. it’s still a good listen though. But yeah, as it has been pointed out, it kinda sounds like one long song.

  5. YES!!!!1i just destroyed my entire living room. thank you.

    • What a coincidence! I sell living room furniture!
      (Just joking — I actually sell metal plates used in repairing skull holes. That might be useful here, too . . .))

  6. i’ve just listened it…..good job, cameron

  7. Whoa. Cam sounds like an overweight, troll creature that got stuck in my toilet and is totally irritated.

  8. are you guys listening to something different?

    those are some boring songs…

  9. lets face it, this shit is amazing. but there is the valid point of no progression, but at this point in time, who cares? its still worth listening to

  10. I wanted to get into DTG, but it sounded so much like deathcore it bored me. I’ma’ give it some more go-arounds in some spare time, hopefully it’ll grow on me.

  11. how can you NOT like this album??? bullSHIT this album is bad!! this literally made me cry tears of joy.. okay so some of the polyrythms sound alike, but it is killer fucking badassss for Cam producing it 100% by himself!! along with everything else he does!! I think he still made the album sound more distinctive than most death metal. he adds some really cleaver breaks and synths and pads into the mix that just rips you a new one!! I dunno what you guys were listening to… maybe Rebecca Black or something.. but this shit is fucking MASSIVE!! get on Big C’s LEVEL!!

    • I think your pointing out that this was 100% self-recorded, self-produced is important. Whatever else people may think of this album, and I’ve made clear I like it, I bet Cam himself would admit that an upgrade in production would make a difference.

      • Yes, I do think he did rush it, only because he had to redo the whole thing by himself. He was almost completely finished with phil on drums and everything, but it was just taking too damn long for Joe to finish guitars, sooooo cam moved on to bigger things.. abominable putridity, burning the masses, and eventually his own EDM was released He was re writing the entire album when he was producing his EDM tracks, shaka brah and everything else, but I think he was just more interested in producing EDM than his Death metal and kinda rushed into it. My point is that if he had the drive to concentrate mainly on DTG then yes this album would be produced much better. But for this album I think it is very very good. He still proves that he is On Top for being one of the best young death metal vocalists out right now.

  12. it’s meant to enjoy not to pick apart! if you don’t enjoy it go away!


  14. complete garbage this is not deathmetal . this is shit for scene kids .

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