Apr 152011

In December, for one of our MISCELLANY posts, we wrote about a then-unsigned technical death metal band from Vancouver called Archspire that had really impressed the hell out of us. The band featured two guitarists who blazed away on 7- and 8-string guitars, a bassist who worked wonders on a 6-string fretless bass, and a drummer and vocalist who matched them stride-for-stride.

By sheer chance, the following month we interviewed  Virgil Palazzolo, the head of a French record label called Trendkill Recordings, and within days of that learned that Trendkill had just signed Archspire to a recording contract — a coincidence that made us quite happy.

Last week, Archspire’s Trendkill debut, All Shall Align, became available digitally on iTunes and it was released as a limited digipack CD in Europe yesterday; the CD will be released in the U.S. and Canada on April 21. That limited digipack CD and a very limited CD/T-Shirt bundle, which features eye-catching artwork by Toshihiro Egawa (Dying Fetus, Suicide Silence, Devourment, and more) are still available at Trendkill’s webshop (here).

A few days ago we learned that the album is now streaming at a French site called Deezer (here). If you’re a fan of bands like Origin, Decrepit Birth, or Spawn of Possession, we think you’ll fall hard for Archspire, and now’s a good time to listen to the album while that stream lasts. If you happen to live in Canada, you’ll soon have the chance to see Archspire live — because they begin a 3-week tour of the country today. Dates and places follow the jump . . . Can you tell that we think this band fuckin’ rocks?


15.04.2011 @ Vancouver BC – The Rickshaw Theater – CD Release Party
16.04.2011 @ Kelowna B C- Oasis Nightclub
17.04.2011 @ Calgary AB – Dickens Pub
18.04.2011 @ Edmonton AB – The Mead Hall
20.04.2011 @ Saskatoon SA – Walkers Event Center
21.04.2011 @ Brandon MB – The North Hill Inn
22.04.2011 @ Thunderbay ON – Kilroys
23.04.2011 @ Sault St Marie ON – TBA
24.04.2011 @ Oshawa ON – The Deizel Room
25.04.2011 @ Ottawa ON – The Rainbow
26.04.2011 @ Trois Rivieres QC – L’Accro Bar
27.04.2011 @ Quebec QC – The Scanner
28.04.2011 @ Montreal QC – Cafe Chaos
29.04.2011 @ Peterborough ON – TBA
30.04.2011 @ Toronto ON – The Hard Luck Bar
01.05.2011 @ North Bay ON – Les Compignons
03.05.2011 @ Winnipeg MB – The Zoo
04.05.2011 @ Regina SK – The Exchange
05.05.2011 @ TBA
06.05.2011 @ Jasper AB – The Horseshow Club
07.05.2011 @ Kamloops BC – Plaza Heritage Hotel

For more info on Archspire, you can visit them on Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter.

  7 Responses to “ARCHSPIRE UPDATE”

  1. Holy fuck, I totally don’t remember you writing about these guys before, but thanks for the reminder!!!

    AND!! It’s available on Amazon!! Wooooo!!! (Seriously, fuck itunes and apple.)

    Am I the only one who find tech death more brutal than brutal death?

    • Don’t know about more brutal, but the bands who are at the top of that game right now (eg, Obscura, Origin, Decrepit Birth, Decapitated) are among my favorites. And some of the best “brutal” bands have always been “technical” in their playing (eg, Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Necrophagist). For my tastes, this sub-genre is right up there with old-school death metal as “go to” music.

  2. ah thanks alot bro! since i found out about these guys ive been listening to it nonstop man, i allways crank it up in my car, and annoy the fuck out of my “non metal” friends.

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