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If you live in the U.S., you may remember that the promoters of this year’s SUMMER SLAUGHTER tour conceived a creative piece of marketing by allowing fans to vote from among a list of 11 bands for the last act to fill up the touring line-up. Within the Ruins won that vote and will be joining The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, Darkest Hour, Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus, As Blood Runs Black, Oceano, and the almighty Fleshgod Apocalypse on SUMMER SLAUGHTER.

Rumors have been circulating that the promoters would organize a second tour featuring bands from the voting list that didn’t get selected via the Facebook ballot-stuffing . . . uh, voting. Well, now that’s been confirmed by the tour promoters. There will indeed be a SLAUGHTER SURVIVORS tour, and this will be the line-up:


The tour will run from late July to late August. The cities and venues haven’t been announced yet, but we’ll get you that info as soon as we have it.

Note that Scale the Summit have been included, even though they weren’t on the voting list. That’s a cool development. Unfortunately, some of the best bands on that voting list who didn’t get selected aren’t included on this SURVIVORS tour, ie, Revocation, Neuraxis, Augury, 7 Horns 7 Eyes, Dawn of Ashes.


  1. Dan told me about this a while ago. I’m glad it’s gonna happen. Sounds like Summer Slaughter is coming through Kansas and Colorado so I’ll get to see it twice! Might even try to get some interviews in.

    As for the survivors tour, they better come somewhere close or I’ll be pissed. Kinda sad to see revocation isn’t on the bill, but words can’t describe how excited I am for their new release in August.

    • Interviews would be cool. Revocation is already touring non-stop from late May to mid-July. They’ll be in Denver on June 29 with Forbidden, White Wizard, and Havok. Don’t know why they aren’t included on this SURVIVORS tour.

    • Rob: Where in Kansas are you?

      I’m from the North-eastern corner of Colorado (near Holyoke)…

      • Right now I live in a small ass town, Scott City. I used to live in Hays, KS. I still travel there to see my friends. Because there is literally jack shit to do here.

        And also, once upon a time, I lived in Kansas City (Johnson County/Overland Park) and Michigan.

        I dunno if I’ve ever been up that far in CO. I may have missed the story but how the hell did you end up in Japan? Armed forces?

        • No, I’m just a lowly english conversation teacher. Blech.

          I think I’ve heard of Hays…on google maps, it looks like I’ve probably passed through it on the way to Kansas City…

          Scott City looks as podunk and shitty (on the map) as Holyoke. You gotta get yourself outta there!

          • Trust me, that’s the plan bro. I just have two semesters of school left and I’m the fuck outta here. I’m thinking of the west coast, maybe Oregon or somewhere. But yeah, anywhere but Kansas would be great.

            • Portland is a very cool town. So is Eugene. Just gotta brace up for the long, wet, gray winters and wait for the reward in late summer and early fall.

  2. “Revocation, Neuraxis, Augury, 7 Horns 7 Eyes”

    Someone please get these bands to do a tour entitled “The Young And The Slaughtered”.

    Everyone should benefit from this recent publicity push after all.

    • That would actually be a great tour. I do admire the cleverness behind this marketing strategy, at every step of the way: (1) Put together a diverse group of confirmed bands for the main tour; (2) leave a slot open and give fans a choice on the last slot; (3) then, after getting people sufficiently whipped up about that choice, name the winner but then roll out the bands who didn’t make the cut on a separate tour. Adding a second tour for those other four bands would just be the icing on this marketing cake. And at least for my money, all three tours would be worth seeing.

  3. volumes are shitty people. they started shit with kids in my town wen they were here. and they got beat up.

  4. Man, sorry to hear that. I liked the music on their EP last year.

  5. Much respect to the organizers of Summer Slaughter. In an age where there is much division between death metal and deathcore, this tour helps bring more unity to the scene.

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