Jun 022011

(Last time out, Israel Flanders introduced us to a real winner in Moscow’s Kartikeya. Let’s see what Israel has got for us today . . .)

I hate deathcore.  Like, really hate it.  I think it’s for the most part garbage, useless — anything you could come up with as an insult, I’d apply it to this genre.  However, there are bands out there who’ve proven me wrong, such as Carnifex with their last album Hell Chose Me.  It has been a long time since I’ve heard any worthwhile deathcore — until I ran across this…

WHY IS THIS SO GOOD!? (more after the jump . . .)

So, that was the single from the upcoming, untitled full length by a band called 100 Knives Inside.  We’re not here to talk about that today though.  Instead, I am reviewing this band’s debut EP from last year, Moral Fabrication.

100 Knives Inside is a technical djeathcore (hehe, see what I did there?) band from Denmark, of all places.  Denmark has an unfairly overlooked music scene to begin with, producing such great bands as Mercenary, Hatesphere, Invocator, and Mnemic, to name a few, as well as a band whose music I previously reviewed on this site called The Interbeing.

So why all the fuss I’m making here?  This is very technically sound, brutal deathcore with a huge dose of djent to keep it refreshing, with a healthy side of shred involved.  These guys don’t play around, whether it be their dissonant, noodily tech-riffing, djenting polyrhythmic grooves, or throwing down to a bare-bones breakdown or fast death-metal riff.

The vocals are standard fare, but nonetheless very effective.  The drumming is inhumanly tight and precise in the way that you’d expect from a band playing music this elaborate.  The riffs from both the guitarists and bassist, as well as the bassist’s occasional moments of shred, and the dark melodic nature of the shreddy solo’s on this album provide a really good combination of elements.  The way this band can transition from a blast-beat fest into a djenty groove riff is pretty phenomenal, although I can imagine some people will feel that it sounds a tad disorganized.

Check out the songs below to see what you think. I think these guys are on the path to doing very well for themselves.



To discover more about 100 Knives Inside, their MySace page is here, their Facebook is here, and their EP is on sale at iTunes and also here.


  1. My ears orgasmed like 4 times. Fucking brilliant shit. Thanks for the introduction!

  2. Yeah Israel, I have to say, that new song “Unwind the Broken Wires” is a fucking blast to hear. Those dudes can really play some mean mathcore! I really like the songs from the EP too.

  3. Like I said, these guys have potential. I’m sad that they won’t be able to get out an album for awhile though. The drummer said not till winter of 2011.

  4. Thanks for introducing me to these guys, Israel! All the songs you’ve included here are insane, though my favorite would definitely have to be the new one, “Unwind The Broken Wires”. Denmark truly is a nation of seemingly overlooked metal genius, so I’m glad you’ve brought more than one great band from there under the spotlight.

  5. I like it! That first music vid is pretty hilarious too.
    Ordered this one as well. That’s two now you’ve made me buy Israel. Watch my wallet a little will ya.

    Also, my fanboy-dom pretty much commits me to tell you Viatrophy is one more band to prove you wrong. Aparently they’re getting back together too, though I’m not sure whether it’s just for a show or two or permanent.

  6. Thanks Tom introduces perfect voice me gusta

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