Jul 052011

UK musical comedian Bill Bailey recorded this special message to Metallica during his rehearsals for Sonisphere UK at Knebworth. It made me horn-y:

NCS reader survey question for the day:

What is more metal: Bill Bailey’s performance or St. Anger? Please respond in the Comments.

And, after the jump, you can watch professionally filmed footage of Metallica’s July 3 performance at Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden, which was originally broadcast on the Swedish TV channel SVT.

(Thank you Blabbermouth for featuring these clips; you can see many more here. And thank you Quigs for the Bill Bailey clip.)


  1. St Anger. Nothing sounds more metal than 70 minutes of some retard smashing trash cans together.

    • . . . unless it’s bicycle horns being played for 30 seconds. So, it’s one vote for St. Anger and one vote for Bill Bailey.

    • I actually have a certain fondness for St. Anger. There is a REAL frustration and rage buried in its shit.

      I think that’s the appeal of the Triptykon record — it is the same concept but well-executed.

  2. I’d be willing to put my balls in the grinder and say explicitly that Bill Bailey is more metal than any of us, let alone St. Anger.

  3. I kinda liked the keyboards that started at 0:15. With the horns, I can’t help but wonder what the whole song would sound like. Or others, like “Creeping Death”, “Seek And Destroy”, “Orion” or “Master Of Puppets”, among other Metallica staples.

    Maybe there could be a metal tour featuring Bill Bailey, Jim Breuer and Brian Poshen. It should prove to be entertaining and it’d probably be funnier than the stand up routine of Mikael Åkerfeldt.

    • Oh, no question it would be funnier. I would love to hear a full version of any of those songs with the horns. Actually, I would love to hear an entire cover album of St. Anger with horns and kazoos.

      • Hell, it might be fun to hear some songs played with a traditional chord structure, as he does in the Devil’s Chord video with Slayer instead of breaking out the horns.


        In some cases, it doesn’t even need to be an obscure song that only two people in the audience are going to recognize. Just something different. Tori Amos did it with “Raining Blood” (which I thought was well done!) and there’s alsways the Radio Disney version of “Hammer Smashed Face”.


        As odd as it seems to say this, you should also check out the Disney Metal version of the Jonas Brothers’ “Paranoid”, done by the same guy that did the “Hammer Smashed Face”. The end result reminds me a bit of Ensoph, mostly because of the voice used for the one in the black vest.


        Yeah, I think it’s gonna be a night for some unusual metal.

        • Damnation, this is all brilliant! The Devil’s Chord! The Flattened Fifth! Played with horns (I nearly pissed myself when he went to the horns.) And I fucking love the parrot with the “Early Warning System” sign on it.

          The Radio Disney version of Hammer-Smashed Face? Must-listening for all kindergarten playtimes!

          And the death-metal version of Paranoid? Sheer genius.

  4. This guy’s brilliant! I’d love to see how he does this live 🙂

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