Jul 252011

Let’s see, this makes today’s fifth post, so it will be brief. You can now go to iTunes (at least in the U.S.) and hear 1:30 previews of each song on the new album (Agony) from Fleshgod Apocalypse. Yes, a minute and a half from each track, including the iTunes bonus track called “Heartwork”.

For the world at large, less than two weeks remain before the arrival of the official August 9 album release date. I, on the other hand, am now less than 24 hours away from getting my very own physical copy, because FA is selling these little jewels at their SUMMER SLAUGHTER merch table, and SUMMER SLAUGHTER will be in Seattle tomorrow, and I will be there.

It’s a good thing I am being brief, because brevity prevents me from becoming even more obnoxious.

P.S. For those of you who have been wading through all my many posts today from the beginning, you might be interested to see this comment left by a fan of Blastanus on the band’s Facebook page about our review of the new album: “naulan kantaan, vitun hyvä lätty :)”  Not understanding Finnish, I used Google Translate, which provided this rendition of the comment in English: “nail on the head, fucking good pancake :)”

P.P.S. The chance to write a headline like this doesn’t come around very often, but some lucky bastard at Blabbermouth penned this one a few minutes ago: “MEGADETH’S ELLEFSON: ‘I Miss Physically Being Able To Hold A 12-Inch In My Hand'”. And no, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the accompanying video interview to find out what he was talking about. Laughing too hard.


  1. You lucky bastard! 😛

    I have to rely on Indiemerchstore randomly picking me in order to get tickets for the date I want to go to. Even then I may not be able to attend because I don’t know who to take with me and I need transportation, not to mention I would also like to have cash to spend on merch and such. Don’t think all of that is going to happen. Stupid economic slump.

  2. Fucking good pancake is now the ultimate praise in my book.

    • The second being “that wrecked my Dixie!” And the third being “that’s the biggest tentacle on a tentacle rape monster!”

    • I’ve been laughing uncontrollably in the faces of complete strangers since seeing that translation. I hope Google never improves the algorithm for Finnish language translation. No telling what other gems are lurking there.

  3. Enjoy the show you bastard!

    Brutal regards,


    • BRUTAL REGARDS. (You”re forgetting to use caps lock. Real men use caps lock.)

    • And thank you for the good wishes for the show. However, I think FA is opening, and I fear it will be all downhill from there.

      • I actually really like the line-up… well most of it! Get some beer and food during Oceano and As Blood Runs Black, but make sure you catch Dying Fetus and Darkest Hour.

        And I’d say give Whitechapel a chance as well, definitely a fan of their latest record – unexpectedly!

        And Black Dahlia… oh so good.

        • Well, I was sort of joking. I’m definitely hanging in there for Black Dahlia Murder. I’ve seen Darkest Hour more times than any other single metal band (seriously, I think this will be the 6th time), and I will wait for them, too. No question — I’ll be front and center for Dying Fetus. I’ve seen Whitechapel three times (in part because my NCS co-founder IntoTheDarkness likes to see them when they hit town), and I do get something out of their sets. As for Oceano, I haven’t seen them yet and I do have some respect for Adam Warren, so no beer or bathroom breaks when they come on. Damn, as I think about this, I may have to stay sober and pee my pants.

          • If I am able to go, I’m going to see only like 4 bands: Fleshgod Apocalypse, Dying Fetus, Six Feet Under, and The Black Dahlia Murder. I might watch Whitechapel, I used to like them a lot more than I do now, and Phil Bozeman was a big influence on my vocals, I mean I liked their latest, but I still gave it to my friend who likes Whitechapel more than me. Looking back I think I should’ve given them more of a chance before giving them to my friend, but I’m not sure if I would honestly like them now, or if the deathcore label would get in the way of me liking them… but I gotta go, thunderstorms and computers don’t mix. My family learned this the hard way.

  4. I am very much looking forward to this album, from the snippets i have heard on itunes i think it will be great. And on a sidenote: the Google Translate-page has been a great source of amusement for a long time, just try typing in a phrase and then translate it between random languages to see what you will end up with. For example i typed in “may the force be with you” and translated it to 5 random languages and then back to english. The new english sentence? “Alan and forced them to you.”. Hillarious if you are sorta drunk.

    • This has become my new favorite greeting: “Alan and forced them to you”, just as “fucking good pancake” has become my new favorite compliment. This sounds like an awesome game, too. You can never have too many games to play while drinking.

      • There’s a Japanese drinking game called Kim Jong Il…I think it’s like that King card game where the rules
        are secret or something? I don’t really remember…I was drunk.

        Wait. Maybe that was the point of the game…….

        But “Alan and the forced them to you”…what would the rules be??? You watch Home Improvement and every time Tim Allen looks like a creepy rapist you drink? I’d be drunker than the Kim Jong Il game…

  5. I hope i’m not ruining anything for you, and perhaps you even knew this already, but i just have translate it somewhat correctly only because i can, and that makes me feel oh so important! And we all like to feel important from time to time, right…right? So it’s more along the lines: ” Spot on, a fucking great album!”. PS: is there a similar idiom in English for the “nail on the head”? Because it sounds abit awkward, and i can’t come to think of any equivalent idiom that would match the Finnish one, which is very commonly used.

    • I was so hoping one of our Finnish readers would supply the correct translation — thank you. And yes, “hit the nail on the head” is a commonly used English idiom, too. That part of the translation I understood. It was the pancake thing that made me lose my shit.

    • I do have to ask: does “lätty” really mean pancake? And if it does, why would someone use that to compliment an album? Is “good pancake” like a general compliment for anything?

      • I don’t know Finish, but my guess is that it’s poorly translated slang for something that’s round and flat, many of the expressions used to describe albums originate from when the LP was the standard. In Swedish the most common term for an alum is “platta” which google translate quite accurately translates as “flat” – native speakers understand the meaning from the context though.

        • and alum should of course have been album.

        • That makes some sense. Here, LPs used to be called “platters”, though that idiom hasn’t survived into the era of CDs and downloads.

        • Islander: “Lätty” is actually more of a dialect version derived from “lettu”, which means more crépe type of thing than pancake and the word can also be used to desrcibe something as wonderous as womens genitalia. And no, atleast to my knowledge, the phrase “good pancake” isn’t really a general phrase in Finnish =)

          Moreover, i’m quite confident that the user “.jh” is correct about the origination coming from the LP times. As “lätty” can be also derived from “lättänä”, which means flat, and the word withholds the context of something being round, atleast to me.

          Lastly, to answer Phro: again, im not sure as i can only speak for a relativily small fraction, but no i don’t think it is generally used as such term, but maybe it should?! It would make sense, i guess, in some possibly fucked up, yet awesome way!

          • Thanks for the additional explanation jeimssi. “Lettu” seems to be a very useful word. I can’t think of an English word that can be used to refer, wondrously, to female genitalia, CDs, and something you can eat. I think I’ll just stop there.

    • I’d also like to say thank you for the correct translation!!!

      And I’d also like to know if good pancakes are a good catch all term of “woo-hoo!”ness.

  6. I almost wrecked my dixie in a fucking good pancake when I first saw the headline, but then I re-read it and saw that you weren’t announcing a full album stream. As much as I hate the exclusivity thing based on where one buys an album, if Agony costs the same on iTunes as it does on Amazon (I assume it’ll be there too), I’ll get the one with the bonus track.

    • I am going to have to buy the album twice. I just bought the CD from the band at SUMMER SLAUGHTER, but I am going to need the fucking bonus track, too. The CD has a sticker on it: “Technical Symphonic Metal of the Highest Order. A must for fans of Nile, Behemoth, and Dimmu Borgier.” Those aren’t the bands I would have thought of, but The Highest Order? Fuck yes.”

    • I am going to have to buy the album twice. I just bought the CD from the band at SUMMER SLAUGHTER, but I am going to need the fucking bonus track, too. The CD has a sticker on it: “Technical Symphonic Metal of the Highest Order. A must for fans of Nile, Behemoth, and Dimmu Borgir.” Those aren’t the bands I would have thought of, but The Highest Order? Fuck yes.

      • Highest order makes me think of Free Masons…

        It all makes sense now!!!

        • Hey, I work for the Masons… Does that mean I can call upon FA to provide the soundtrack to my work day?

          • One would assume that would be a guaranteed benefit for all Free Mason employees.

            And maybe magical health insurance? In case you have to defend your bosses from unearthly
            creatures with poison for blood and fangy mouths for vaginas.

            I like to make facts up as I go……..

  7. Aaaa pancake… “lätty” is a word in finnish that means CD, BUT it also means like a slimmer version of a pancake, crêpe, or a shitty microwave pizza hahah but in the Finnish language there are many different dialects and different words can mean many different thing, but that pancake shit was fucken hillarious, laughed my ass off about that 🙂

    • Well, I’m still laughing my ass off about it. I tried to wait and use it in our banner subheading later, to give “My Dixie Wrecked” a bit more play . . . but as you can see, I couldn’t resist.

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