Jul 292011

As long-time readers of this site know, our genesis and growth have been intertwined with the fortunes of Bury Your Dead.  When we decided to start this blog, it didn’t take me long to think of the name, because at the time I was still royally pissed off about the departure of Mat Bruso from BYD, his replacement by Myke Terry, and the conversion of the band’s music into near-generic metalcore with way too much clean singing. The old BYD had the ability to crank out some incredibly catchy hooks, grooves, and melodies without coming untethered from a solid center of hardcore fury. The “new” BYD wouldn’t have scared a kitten.

Thankfully, this interlude in the band’s history was finite. Bruso is back, and the band’s sound has reverted to what it was before, ie, the kind of galvanizing, crowbar-to-the-head rhythms guaranteed to stir up the pit into a fine froth, and plenty of brawling attitude. Next week, we’ll see the official release of BYD’s return-to-form album, Mosh ‘N’ Roll, and the title pretty much tells you all you need to know. In the run-up to the album launch, a couple of tracks have debuted — most recently “Deadeye Dick”, which appeared within the last week — and today we have the first official video, for the song “Slaughterhouse Five”.

The song would have been right at home on Beauty and the Breakdown — an atonal, downtuned, groovy gut-puncher of a song, rolling like an avalanche of rebar rods clanging down concrete steps. The video suits the music, too — the kind of fun that leaves you looking for your teeth on a beer-stained floor and picking glass out of your scalp the next morning. Check it after the jump, and then after the video we’ve also got the song released erlier in the week — “Deadeye Dick”.

Mosh ‘N Roll will be released by Mediaskare on August 2. While we’re on the subject of BYD, here’s another track from the album, “Deadeye Dick”, which debuted within the last week:

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  1. I wish I had known that they were filming this at Frankie’s in Toledo… I would have showed up dressed as a Wookiee.

  2. The top vid was a cool song, not really my thing, but it was kinda catchy.

  3. No bullshit, Its kinda hard to deal with the ambivalence I feel with this post.

    NCS has become one of my absolute favorite sites on the web bar none, metal, news, or otherwise. Yet, as you say, a significant part of your genesis was a defiant stance on something I embraced. I wasnt familiar with the whole BYD grass roots scene, but I dug the fuck out of Beauty and the breakdown; it was clear there was some superior musicianship at work for what would normally be brushed off as meaningless tough guy hardcore.

    I sincerely dug the direction they went with using Myke Terry. I will freely admit that the fact he is a brother was a personal bias and attracted me even moreso to the band, but I really liked how they were expanding their sound, and it prompted me to check out their back catalog, which I also really enjoyed.

    People use the disparaging comparison of “the sevendust experiment” when referring to the terry albums, but I really think its a compliment and quite fitting. Not because of the obvious black singing front man comparison though. Rather, Sevendust themselves went through a significant transition in the wake of losing a founding member. When Clint Lowry left the band, the following album with Sonny mayo left many wary that sevendust had fallen off. But then not even a year later, They created one of the best albums in their entire catalog, Alpha (and I would argue fist to face one of the best hard rock albums of the decade.) I Truly think the same can be said for Its Nothing Personal.

    Oh Well. In any event, These new tracks absolutely bludgeon. I already have my copy on preorder, and I will be moshing along with the rest of yall. Glad to see BYD goin on strong, and I also am glad to hear Myke is movin on with his career and that, as far as we can tell, theres no hard feelings. Its all good. Thanks for letting me say my piece.

    • I probably need to be more nuanced in my expression of what I felt when Bruso left and Terry arrived. I was truly upset because I was massively addicted to “Beauty and the Breakdown”, and so shocked by what happened to the band’s sound on “Bury Your Dead” and “It’s Nothing Personal”. At the same time, I thought then and think now that Myke Terry is a cool dude. He’s definitely got a lot of talent, and like you, I was biased in his favor because he was a brother. I wanted him to succeed. Metal is so dominated by white dudes, and the prospect of having another (one of the few) black frontmen in a metal band was exciting. But I just could not get past the fact that the change in musical direction was a turn for the worse, to my ears. In my opinion, it was a change that wrecked what was best about this band, but my opinion is of course a reflection of what I want to hear and what I don’t want to hear in metal.

      Anyway, my feelings about what happened to BYD are the result of my taste in music — and nothing personal against Myke Terry at all.

    • Fuck — I also meant to say that I really appreciate the nice things you said about this site, and I’m grateful that you took the time to write what you wrote. It’s comments like these that make it worthwhile to keep this thing going day to day.

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