Aug 032011

I just saw the news about a new tour beginning at the end of September, and I was so excited it nearly gave me heart failure. Our friends at MetalSucks are sponsoring the 2011 CARNIVAL IS FOREVER NORTH AMERICAN TOUR, headlined by Decapitated and including Decrepit BirthFleshgod Apocalypse, Rings of Saturn, and The Haarp Machine.

For my tastes, that is just a stupendously strong line-up. Though I haven’t yet heard The Haarp Machine, I will now hunt down their music with interest, and as for the rest of the bands, well I’m not going to make reference to boners or cum because that would be inconsistent with my previously expressed opinions on the use of such words in metal writing. I will just say that something wet has happened and I am unable to stand up.

After the jump you can see the schedule. I believe it is a fine schedule, because it includes a stop in Seattle. presents “2011 Carnival Is Forever North America” tour dates:

09/30/11  Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY

10/01/11  Kingdom – Richmond, VA

10/02/11  The Acheron – Atlanta, GA

10/03/11  State Theater – St. Petersburg, FL

10/05/11  White Rabbit – San Antonio, TX

10/06/11  TBA

10/07/11  The Clubhouse  – Tempe, AZ

10/08/11  SOMA – San Diego, CA

10/09/11  Foro Alicia – Mexico City, MÉXICO

10/10/11  The Whisky – Hollywood, CA

10/11/11  DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA

10/12/11  Branx – Portland, OR

10/14/11  Studio Seven – Seattle, WA

10/15/11  Rickshaw Theater – Vancouver, BC – CANADA

10/16/11  Republik – Calgary, AB – CANADA

10/17/11  The Exchange – Regina, SK – CANADA

10/18/11  Park Theater – Winnipeg, MB – CANADA

10/20/11  Miramar Theatre –  Milwaukee, WI

10/21/11  Mojoe’s – Joliet, IL

10/22/11  Alrosa Villa – Columbus, OH

10/23/11  Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH

10/24/11  The Opera House – Toronto, ON – CANADA

10/26/11  Club Soda – Montreal, QC – CANADA

10/27/11  The Gramercy Theater – New York, NY

10/28/11  The Reverb – Reading, PA

10/29/11  Saints & Sinners Fest – Asbury Park, NJ

10/30/11  Jaxx – Springfield, VA


  1. Excited! Not so much for Rings of Saturn though. I wanted to like them but when I listened to them last I got a huge tech deathcore vibe. But I can give them another shot I suppose.

    The new Decapitated album discouraged me through the album preview, but I went back and listened to one of the songs after the album was released and it was pretty cool. I’ll have to check out more songs from the new album, I only have one song: “Spheres of Madness” which is an awesome track, and I haven’t heard much else aside from that, but Decapitated still excite me for some reason.

    I’m super-super-super excited for Fleshgod. FA are the main reason why I want to go to Sum. Slaughter (oh and I may get my aunt to buy me tix to it for my bday, if not I’ll use the money I get from her to buy a bunch of band merch, some cargo shorts and black jeans), and they’ll be playing the entire new album here won’t they? So I could go to Sum. Slaughter get a taste of them, then go here and have an entire meal!

    • FA’s set for Summer Slaughter is short — 2 songs off the new album (“The Violation” and “The Egoism”), one from Mafia (“Thru Our Scars”, of course), and one from Oracles (“In Honour of Reason”). They’ve got higher billing on this new tour, and I hope that means a longer set, but I’m sure not long enough for all of “Agony”.


  3. Come to Japan!!!!

    Or at least Colorado when I’m there in October.

    (Also, that massive wall of penis I wrote. I totally don’t remember writing it…yah for black out drinking!! Sorry about that…)

  4. Can’t wait for that tour: Massive Wall of Penis, Thor’s Uterus, Trollcock Fetish, Raging Hectocoylus and Putrid Fugue. It’s gonna be brutal.

  5. Two shows in Ohio, but not a single date in Michigan? No Detroit? This pisses me off!

  6. so unbelievably excited for this show. and at studio 7 (best sound in seattle in my opinion). missed decrepit birth last time they were here, and didn’t see fleshgod this summer, because i didn’t care about the rest of the bill. basically a dream line up for me

    • Though I did see Summer Slaughter this year and last, I’m so much more excited to see FA, Decapitated, and Decrepit Birth again in a much smaller venue like Studio Seven. Plus, it’s cool that Blood and Thunder will be opening the show here.

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