Aug 052011

All of you know how very, very stoked we are here at NCS for the release of the new album from Poland’s Vader, Welcome To the Morbid Reich. About a month ago, we got the first song from the album, “Come and See My Sacrifice”, and now we have a second one: “Decapitated Saints”, which appears to be a re-recording of a song that first appeared on the band’s 1989 demo, Necrolust.

I’m so damned excited to share this with you that I’m not even going to waste time trying to describe it to you. Fuck, you’re going to listen to it anyway, right? (If the answer to that question is No, please keep it to yourself.) After the jump, stream “Decapitated Saints”, but first be sure you’ve tied your head down firmly to your neck and shoulders.

[soundcloud url=”″]


  1. This song is proof of why Vader are one of the god fathers of death metal.

  2. I am 5 seconds in.

    It is already awesome.

  3. This song is truly a force to be reckoned with. Piotr’s vocals are completely annihilating, as are the drums and guitars. This will surely help to subdue my excitement for this album until its release next Friday.

  4. I tied my head down like the warning said, but it was all for naught; it ended up flying off anyway due to the excessive headbanging that this song caused. Seriously, I’m not the biggest Vader fan in the world, but this song alone made me want to get this album.

  5. Vader is a juggernaut, more power to them.

  6. It was alright in my book. I want to like it more, probably a song that has grow on me. Solo was killer though.

  7. Vocals don’t really do it for me in this song; it’s almost like Piotr has a case of Arayaism, trying to get through a verse as fast as he can. Decent tune, though.

  8. Unholy gods of fuck, I need to see this performed live.

    • No shit. I’m sure it will be a slaughterific experience. Our European brethren and sistern will get to see them sooner than we will. They’ll be joining Gorgoroth on “The Sign of Hell Tour 2011” which starts at the end of October and concludes right before Christmas. That should be a HELL of a show — 45 dates, though I haven’t yet seen a final schedule. I have to believe Vader will come to NorthAm in 2012.


    I never really got interested in Vader, but that just changed. Like a hectocotylus newly regrown.

  10. Face officially melted. AMAZING!!!!

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