Aug 092011

How many Darkane fans do we have in the audience? Well, let’s see, I can count at least two — myself and Israel Flanders, who tipped me to this bit of recent news that I missed. It will actually be fairly significant news to long-time fans of this Swedish band.

Darkane’s debut album, Rusted Angel, issued in 1999, with vocals provided by one Lawrence Mackrory. But by the time the band released their second album, 2001’s Insanity, Mackrory was gone and Andreas Sydow was in. Two more albums followed with Sydow behind the mic, and then 2008 saw the release of the band’s latest album, Demonic Art, with yet another new vocalist, Jens Broman.

Last week, it was announced that Broman has decided to leave, and guess who his replacement is? Yes, Darkane have come full circle, back to Lawrence Mackrory. Since his departure from the band, he has been the vocalist for another Swedish outfit called F.K.U. (for whom he’ll continue to be a member) as well as the vocalist for Scarve (France) since 2009. He will be making his live comeback with Darkane on September 20 in Strasbourg, France at the opening show of the band’s headlining European tour, with support provided by Destinity and Devastating Enemy.

When you’ve been away from a band for roughly 13 years and are about to rejoin them for a big tour, what do you do? Well yes, you fucken rehearse. And as it happens, Darkane have released a video of the new Darkane rehearsing two songs from their discography — “Fading Dimensions” from Layers of Lies (2005) and yes, a throwback to Rusted Angel, “July 1999”. Mackrory has got a versatile voice, which you’ll get a sense of on this video. I presume we’ll get more evidence of that in the near future, since Darkane also reports they’re working on a new album. For now, check out the video after the jump. Darkane’s facebook page is here.

  7 Responses to “DARKANE UPDATE”

  1. I have everything they’ve done.

    I’d consider myself a massive fan.

    In fact if I’d known Jens was leaving I would have sent an audition tape in to the band myself… as I liked him, but felt he was rather “limited” in his range.

    • Unfortunately for you I actually think this was a planned move. Jens announced his departure and Lawrence came right in a week later.

    • Also Andy, Christofer Malmstrom ENTIRELY shaped my guitar playing for a long time. His riff writing and solo composition is unreal to me.

      • We have made no bones about the influence Darkane have had on our mix of melo-death/thrashy riffage.

        Cyber-thrash. That’s what I call them.

  2. Cough… also it’s “Layers Of Lies”…

  3. Watching band practices always make me feel like I just walked in on a circle jerk.

    That said, it was certainly a good circle jerk to watch. (I don’t think I’ve ever listened to Darkane before…)

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