Aug 152011

Are you like me? Do you often fantasize about scaling the fence at a commercial airport, dashing out onto the tarmac, leaping up behind a big plane, and sticking your head in the back end of a jet engine just as the aircraft takes off? Yeah, you’re right: Everyone dreams about that, so why am I talking about something so commonplace?

Well, listening to “Reform III”, one of the songs from Xerath’s 2011 album, II, helps make the dream more vivid. You can almost feel the skin being peeled back from your face and all your hair being ripped out by the roots from the blast effect. Awesome.

Xerath have just released an official music video to accompany “Reform III”, which I watched this morning. My biggest problem with the video is that it doesn’t involve full-head-immersion at the backwash end of a jet engine. What was the director thinking? Instead, we have a tale about trusting your instincts and not trusting your co-workers, at least if your co-workers are killers. Who wear eye-liner. Watch it after the jump.

  15 Responses to “NEW XERATH VIDEO”

  1. The bass solo at around the 2:45 mark was fucking awesome, if I may be so bold as to say so.

    The whole song was pretty fucking awesome, but that part was prime awesomeness. Like a eating strawberry ice cream and find a whole strawberry waiting to be devoured.

    As for the video…perhaps it’s just me, but I really was expecting the video to end with a last scene of…ZOMBIES!!!! But it was a good video none the less.

    • Also, I’m not sure if my hedgehog liked it or not, but the way he was sniffing around when the song was playing made it look like he was headbanging.

      And, no, “hedgehog” is not a euphemism for my penis….that’d be Mr. Pokey Porcupine.

      • I’m now going to try really hard to forget that i know your pet name for the trouser dragon.

        • Don’t worry, I just made that up.

          Usually I just call it the Hate Tool. And then I try hate fuck broken things until they work again.

          I usually fail, but I think it did the trick with Hanako Showa.

    • ALSO! (Last one, I promise.) Now we know who the fucking girl on all their covers is!

      • Yes! But this means that when Xerath releases “III”, they will have to come up with a new human presence for the cover, since I don’t think this chick is coming back from taking a hollowpoint in the back of the head. Unless, of course, SHE’S A ZOMBIE!

        • I’m pretty sure, since we can’t actually see her face on any of the other covers, that she’s always been a zombie. And this video was just an attempt to explain that.

          Also: the make-up reminded me of My Chemical Romance and I will now forever see these guys as the metal (bad ass) version of MCR. Thanks a lot, guys.

  2. I would think the guy-liner would interfere with their ability to do their job properly. Like, what happens if they get all sweaty and it runs down into their eyes?

    • I suppose when you stand this close to your victims with a big fucking handgun, it’s hard to miss even with melted guy-liner in your eyes. Not that I would know. But in general, it is better to look good than to shoot good.

  3. Happiest music video I’ve seen in my life!

  4. This song proves Xerath is one of the most important bands in metal right now. Who is doing metal this brutal without a single trace of bullshit? I mean really?

  5. Well said man! I really agree with that.

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