Aug 202011

(TheMadeIsraeli has an urgent message for you . . .)

My friend Tre Watson finally got the EP of his band Carthage put out today.  Progressive deathcore that brings in a lot of interesting influences and is worth checking out for sure.  Head over to their bandcamp before midnight tonight; until then, this EP is “pay what you want,” meaning yes, you can get it for free.  Once it hits midnight, it goes back to 5 dollars.  Expect a review of this soon.

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  2 Responses to “CARTHAGE”

  1. Nothing new here, but I kinda like it and could see this growing on me with repeated listens. To me, it kind of sounds like Born Of Osiris sexed Zao and birthed this band. Thanks for sharing.

    • Born of Osiris, yes, that’s exactly it. Though a bit less technicality and a bit more grooviness.

      None the less, I quite like the grooves.

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