Sep 102011

(TheMadIsraeli was virtually breathless in his desire to have this news posted without delay. Not wanting to deprive him of breath, I complied quickly.)

Anubis Gate is the shit.  This Danish, now-4-piece, progressive power-metal band is streaming their new self-titled album IN FULL and I highly recommend you check it out.  Heavy, low-tuned grooves; lush, beautiful, melodic and acoustic passages; powerful face-stomping riffs; all with soaring vocals imbued with real emotion.  Jacob Hansen of Invocator is no longer on the mic (though still at the mixing board), but bassist Henrik Fevre has a SUPERB voice.  Expect a review of this when I get the chance.

You can stream the album at Metal Insider here.

  44 Responses to “ANUBIS GATE: ALBUM STREAM”

  1. I think we need to rename the site to Some Clean Singing. 😛

    Seriously, though, not bad. A bit mellow for me, at least right now, but I can appreciate it.

    • Why did I write “we”? I’m not paying for hosting.

      “You” need to rename the site to Some Clean Singing.

      • Once upon a time, when my original co-founders and I started this site, the name meant something. We recognized Exceptions to the Rule, but they were rare. But now, Andy, BadWolf, and TheMadIsraeli have infiltrated the place and gummed it up with clean singing on a regular basis. I do my best, fighting a rear-guard action, to continue adding rancid music with vocalists who sound like they’re coughing up their lungs, and you have certainly done your part with fine bands like Analdickton, Hedonistic Exility, and G.I.S.M. I just need to send a ninja squadron of lorises, sloths, and anteaters after Andy, BadWolf, and TheMadIsraeli to inflict some old-school discipline.

        • To be clear: I have absolutely not problem with clean singing! Some of my best friends are clean singers, but that doesn’t mean I want them living in my neighborhood. Bwa-hahahaha!

          Seriously, though, I really don’t mind all the great bands that everyone has been introducing. I definitely don’t want them to stop!

          Just being a dick. Because, while I am generally lacking in skill, I am phenomenally good at being a dick.

    • Not to say that there isn’t great clean-sung music out there, or that it can’t bring the heavy…I just prefer the harsh nine times out of ten.

  2. Sorry that I think that this album FUCKING OWNS. You’ll learn to like it better Phro as it gets heavier going in.

    • I’m in no position to question said ownership by said album. 😉

      but I’ll definitely give it a more thorough listen tonight.

  3. Also Islander… maybe you are just being made aware that more exceptions to the rule exist then you thought?

  4. We may have an exception to the rule day. I have 4 albums/EP’s that all employ clean singing pretty heavily that are undeniable, this one being one of them.

  5. This album stream might be what actually gets me through my computational brain homework this weekend, assuming anything can.

    • Ouch. That sounds nasty. I hope computational brain homework isn’t infectious.

      • It’s nasty, but mostly because it’s tedious – most of the class (and the classwork) involves reading, discussing, and criticizing academic papers. The experiments behind some of these papers get pretty hairy – the current one involves an experiment done to epilepsy patients waiting for surgery; the patients have neural activity detectors already in their brains, so while the surgeons are waiting to see what regions could be causing the seizures, the researchers showed them images and measured/analyzed the neural responses. Then they published a paper making a bunch of claims that I’m taking apart as being mostly invalid given the sample sizes.

        So yeah, Science!

        • My eyes crossed while I was reading this. Do you think I’ll regain binocular vision before I go see Pig Destroyer tonight? On second thought, maybe seeing two of them on stage wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

        • Hell, that sounds like a bunch of bullshit anyway. Probably an excuse to get published. Granted, I don’t know much about epilepsy and seisures, but a Grand Mal Rorschach test doesn’t sound like something that could be relied on with any degree of success.

          • Well, even if it COULD BE relied upon, what’s the point??

          • The test wasn’t a rorschach test – they showed them actual images. Nor was it about epilepsy –
            their goal was to study concept-encoding in part of the brain. They found a neuron in one subject that only responded to the images in their set that contained Halle Berry. (In the end, they found 132 neural units in their subjects that only responded to certain concepts contained in their images). Of course, they only had about 90 images, so it’s clearly not very good evidence for any encoding scheme (thought they tried to claim it was).

  6. Aw…., if only I had a decent set of speakers here at work. I’ve yet to encounter a wedding that plays more than a couple songs I kinda like, and they’re rarely together.

      • Er, let me rephrase that. Blame it one having only 5 hours of sleep after a 14 hour day (and a week spent trying to get the place somewhat decent again).

        I’m talking about what the DJ plays, although the guitarist who played at the wedding ceremony was playing for a while through the DJ’s P.A. system during dinner.

        Fortunately, I haven’t had to endure the shitty dance/pop, lame rap and rap in hiding that poses as ‘R&B’ and other crap that I normally hear at weddings whre the bride and groom are in their 20’s or 30’s. Yet. I know it’s coming. Soon.

  7. How good was Andromeda Unchained? I NEVER listen to this type of metal, but that album was pure gold. The Detached was almost just as good.

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