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For me, Enslaved’s 20th Anniversary North American tour with Ghost and Alcest is one of the high spots of this fall. Enslaved is very high on my list of bands to see who I’ve never seen before, and Ghost and Alcest are also bands whose music I like quite a bit and would love to see in the flesh. I suspect lots of you have been excited about this tour, too.

However, as I was checking my Facebook news stream this morning I saw this cryptic post by Enslaved on their wall: “We’re working on a replacement and will of course keep you posted. Still – we’re looking forward to celebrating our 20th anniversary with you! Working on the setlist… Suggestions?” At first I thought maybe someone in Enslaved had left the band. And then I saw this post on Ghost’s Facebook wall, which appeared in my news stream:

“Due to some last minute complications with our visas, we have been forced to cancel our North American tour. We are sorry towards the other bands on the tour, Enslaved and Alcest. And we are most of all tremendously sorry towards all of our fans. This is truly beyond our control and we are making everything within our (His) powers to be able to come back to the US as soon as possible and perform for all of you.

Our most malicious of wishes,
/A Nameless Ghoul”

What sucky news. Yet it seems things like this happen on a weekly basis — European bands being denied visas by the U.S. government, screwing up long-planned tours. I haven’t investigated why this happens so often, or why in particular it happened to Ghost. Maybe I will. Or maybe I’ll just mope. Perhaps there’s a silver lining to this cloud — the addition of a replacement for Ghost who will be an even more awesome addition to the line-up? Check the tour dates after the jump.

09-23-11          Jaxx – Springfield, VA
09-24-11          Mr. Small’s Theatre – Pittsburgh, PA
09-25-11          Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY
09-26-11          Middle East (Downstairs) – Boston, MA
09-28-11          Imperial de Quebec – Quebec City, QC   CANADA
09-29-11          Café Campus Montreal, QC  CANADA
09-30-11          Opera House – Toronto, ON   CANADA
10-01-11          Outland Live – Columbus, OH
10-02-11          The Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL
10-03-11          Station 4 – St. Paul, MN
10-05-11          West End Cultural Centre – Winnipeg, MB  CANADA
10-06-11          The Exchange – Regina, SK
10-07-11          The Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB  CANADA
10-08-11          Dickens Pub – Calgary, AB
10-10-11          Rickshaw Theatre – Vancouver, B.C.  CANADA
10-11-11          El Corazon – Seattle, WA
10-12-11          Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR
10-13-11          Slim’s – San Francisco, CA
10-14-11          The Troubadour – Hollywood, CA


  1. Just out of curiosity, why don’t they secure the visas BEFORE booking the tour?

    • How dare you ask a logical question!

      • That’s nor a criticism, since I’m pretty sure there’s actually a good reason that bands generally do bookings first and THEN get visas… I just want to know what the reason is…

        Or maybe someone just let the lorises do all the planning.

        • As I said in my FB note about this, I think it’s the long-standing US policy against allowing access by phantoms. Enslaved needs to find a more corporeal replacement. Or maybe it’s the result of resistance to allowing access by people who wear the papal mitre and a skull mask at the same time.

        • I bet that in order to apply for a visa to perform in the US, you need to show that arrangements have been made for the performance(s). Also, I found this, which sheds some light on why getting artistic visas can be difficult:

          Seems ridiculous to me.

          • That’s kind of what I was wondering about in terms of having to have shows booked first.

            And I already hated how immigration works in the US…that just pisses me off more.

            But I also think that the only good immigration policy is a policy of open borders, so I have a feeling I’m a bit more…whatever leaning that most people are.

            And to avoid being too serious for even one post:
            What do you think the full body scanners would show if the Ghosts went through them?

            I’m guessing boners.

          • also note that if you’ve ever had criminal charges filed against you you will have a very hard time getting a visa. (think Jon Nödtveidt or Frost). Knowing nothing about this band of ghouls I’m not saying that’s what happened just meant to point out that there are many ways to get denied.

  2. I immediately went and recommended that Martriden should open instead.

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