Sep 142011

I mean other than an orgasm and a juicy rib eye steak cooked to perfection? And hatred? The answer is no. There is not. Unless, if you’re a vegetarian, it would be something like, uh, I dunno . . . squash?

I’m actually not urging the point that hatred is better than a big motherfucking riff, but that seems to be the assertion of a French death metal band called Livarkahil, because they have a song called “Above All Hatred”. I think they undermine their own contention, though, because the song includes a couple of monster headbang-worthy riffs that I think are better than hatred. You’ll see, and you will see (as well as hear) because they’ve recently released an official video for the song.

“Above All Hatred” is from the band’s second album, Signs of Decay, which will be released on September 26 through Listenable Records. It’s a concept album that appears to be an indictment and dissection of religious autocracy, which explains the not-very-subtle imagery in the video.

The song isn’t subtle either, which is just fucking A-OK with me. It’s like Behemoth meets DevilDriver with some gang shouts thrown in for the hell of it. Not breaking any new ground, not pushing the death-metal envelope, but plenty of big grooves, big riffs, and big fun. Check it after the jump, y’know, unless you’d rather be having an orgasm or your steak is about to burn. Or something about squash.


  1. I liked the song and video, but it did feel like it (the song) could get lost in a sea of death metal. Which is fine! I’d consider getting the album, if for no other reason than that I like the theme.

    But, you know, I cling to my hatred like a loris to Islander’s cock in a storm. Sometimes my utter fucking loathing for humanity is the only thing that gets me through the day.

    I kid! I kid!


  2. Usually, when hearing such a killer intro like this I find myself dissappointed when the vocals kick. With this song, it certainly wasn’t the case. The first 1min+ is vicious headbang, after which you realise your head isn’t where Mother Nature meant it to be, but you still keep going!

    • Great comment, and exactly my experience. When the song started, I thought to myself that the riff was awesome and then started holding my breath for the vocals, hoping they wouldn’t fuck up the song. They didn’t, and then I started holding my breath again to see if the killer riffage would be limited to the intro. And it wasn’t. It just kept going. Which is why the video is up on the site this morning. 🙂

      • Holy shit! I actually read the text just now and France as a good-bad-ass-metal-pancake-country just reached a whole new level, yet again!

    • Yeah I hate it when that happens. It’s like the band had one good riff and had to BS a song out of it to make a label deadline.

      Even worse is the slightly- case where the whole album seems to be based off one riff…

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