Oct 182011

This is the fourth of today’s four individual song posts. It begins with a story.

Once upon a time, there was a New Jersey band called Ripping Corpse. From 1987 to 1992, they recorded four demos and one full-length album called Dreaming With the Dead, and then , , , kablooie!. If you haven’t heard of the band, you may have heard of its members. One of them Eric Rutan, went on to join something called Morbid Angel. He’s done a few other things, too, like engaged in some Hate Eternal.

The rest of Ripping Corpse later joined together in a band called Dim Mak. Between ’99 and 2006, Dim Mak produced three albums. Now, five years after the last one, a new one is one its way. The original Dim Mak line-up hasn’t survived intact, but two of the key components are still there — both of them alumni of Ripping Corpse: guitarist Shaune Kelley (who was also with Hate Eternal) and bass player Scot Nornick. They haven’t exactly suffered a downgrade in the drumming department, since the current drummer is John Longstreth of Origin and Gorguts. The new vocalist is a dude named Joe Capizzi, who was once with a band I don’t know called The Dying Light.

The new Dim Mak album is titled The Emergence of Reptilian Altars. It will be released on November 29 by Willowtip Records, which is accepting pre-orders here. A new song from the album has been out for the last month, but I just found out about it thanks to new NCS reader/commenter Kevin — who is basically killin’ it with the tips, having recommended the new Ne Obliviscaris song we featured in one of yesterday’s posts. (more after the jump . . .)

The new song is called “The Sounds of Carnage”, and that’s what it is. It seethes, it swarms, it pounds like a sledge, it will raise welts on exposed skin. Dim Mak adherents will debate the change in vocalists, but Shaune Kelley has lost nothing (his solo’s on this song will bring evil grins to the faces of the faithful) and John Longstreth sounds, as usual, barely human. I’m quite eager to hear all of this album.

Dim Mak has a Facebook page here, which includes a player with song streams and downloads from previous albums. Now, here’s the new single:


  6 Responses to “DIM MAK: “THE SOUNDS OF CARNAGE””

  1. I kinda wish they had a more “unique” or remarkable singer to replace Scott Ruth. Ruth was a polarizer for sure, but he didn’t sound like anyone else. So to hear someone brutally typical (at least so far, maybe I’m still adjusting) is a little bit of a downer.

    Musically though this is GOLD JERRY, GOLD!!!!!!

  2. When Scott told me he was stepping down I asked him kindof overwhealmed by it all( who I was supposed to get to replace him) because there is noone that comes to mind.Even he scratched his head for a second but then said what about Joey.If you ask me Joey is exactly what we needed.He has clarity and awesome lyrics and a desireable tone and delivery.I dont find that typical at all.And has been a true brother in the scene for the past 2 decades as well.A true warrior for this shit.I wouldnt have just anyone try to take that spot.Thats not an easy task

    • Yeah it’s no easy task to replace Scott. No one else sounded like him. Joey’s voice is more of what people would be comfortable with (assuming they didn’t get to hear Scott for 20 years or like his voice) so it’s gonna be a non issue for 99.99999% of the people who hear the new material (and this song).

      But a picky twat such as myself needs to get used to it. 🙂

    • Very cool to see your comment! As you well know, Dim Mak fanatics will always long for Scott, but the current line-up sounds completely awesome. It’s been a long wait, but based on this song, it will be well worth it. All the best to you guys from all of us here.

  3. Pre-order with Willowtip completely justified by that track.

    On a different note, if you haven’t heard The Dying Light before you should check the band’s second album, The Killing Plan. It’s a blend of death metal and thrash that works really well. It’s just a shame that 1) The album is so damn short and 2) There was never a third album.

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