Oct 192011

(Here’s a shout-out from TheMadIsraeli for a Tennessee band called Controlling Evolution.)

I usually do not, and in fact generally will not, write about local acts where I live.  For the most part, they fucking suck, are generic, or are generic and fucking suck.  With that said, I’ve got an in-state band worth pitching to you that deserves a chance.

After the jump is the Bandcamp player for some friends of mine, Controlling Evolution, that is streaming their free first album, In the Wake of Leviathan’s Campaign.  You can visit Bandcamp (here) and download it if you like what you hear, which I’m high recommending you do.  Playing a brand of technical, progressive, and dizzying metalcore with heavy jazz influences, these guys are set to take the metal scene by storm.  They are currently recording a new EP, and from what I’ve heard, it will make this first album look like child’s play.  Considering how badass this debut is, that almost scares me. (music after the jump . . .)


  1. Holy shit, are you from close to Cleveland? I’m between Cleveland and Chattanooga. I heard these guys over at Metal In Ruins, they’re good but not really my thing. Are you familiar with my homies in Coathanger Abortion? http://www.facebook.com/CoathangerAbortionOfficial

    • Hey man! I reside in Crossville. An hour and a half away from Cleveland.

      Never heard of the band though.

      • I’ve been to Crossville. Did a wiring job up there a few years ago, too far to go for small residential additions though. Glad to know I’m not the only Tennessean ’round here!

  2. Also, should be added…

    Their Facebook is here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/controllingevolution

    Like that shit.

  3. Normally the word “jazz” makes my throat close up to suppress the horrifying amounts of vomit that well up in my my stomach. But these guys sound pretty good. The clean singing could probably be lost. It’s not that I’m against clean singing, I just don’t think they’re pulling it off well.

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