Oct 192011

(As we announced HERE, NCS is co-sponsoring a UK tour beginning on October 24, headlined by Becoming the Archetype and including UK metal band Bloodguard, which is fronted by NCS writer Andy Synn. In this post, Andy provides more info about the other bands who will be appearing on the tour and also at a post-tour show that Bloodguard is doing.)

Hello everyone. As part of promoting our little tour coming up I thought I’d do a good deed and get some press out there for each of the bands who are joining us on the dates. Sort of a mass-exposure deal where hopefully there’ll be something for (almost) everyone!

As part of our week long festivities Becoming The Archetype and Bloodguard will be hitting:

Birmingham, The Actress & Bishop – Monday 24th October

Manchester, The Roadhouse – Tuesday 25th October

Nottingham, The Maze – Wednesday 26th October

London, The Purple Turtle – Thursday 27th October

And then, moving on from the dates with Becoming The Archetype, we have a show with Abgott:

Leicester, Lock 42 – Friday 28th October

So what bands are joining us? Well here they are…


Haerken – medieval death metal


Pathosis – unrelenting technical death metal



Bisonhammer – Dirty, groove metal of the highest/lowest order



Daor – heaving deathcore with a violent 8-string groove attack


Incinery – whiplash inducing thrash



Talanas – brutal yet beautiful melancholic death metal


Chapters – technically gifted, proggy death metal


Doomed From Day One – progressively-inclined deathcore



Abgott – twisted black metal fanatics


L Sol Tace – venomous groove metal


Rosicrucian – dark and ambient post-black metal


Foul Body Autopsy – one-man technical death metal insanity


Ünter Mensch – thrash/death metal


So there you have it, lots of bands, lots of different styles. Hopefully there’s something there for everyone.

And please be nice even if you don’t like them, I DO have to work with these people after all!

  9 Responses to ““BEST” OF BRITISH”

  1. Given my proclivities the first link I had to click on was Haerken. Good shit! Hope to hear more from them in the future.

    They’re a damn sight better than those tossers in Bloodguard, anyway *cough*

  2. What does that actually mean? Is it related to how we say “tossing salad” in the states?

    • I consider myself something of an Anglophile, so let’s see if I know my English slang as well as I think I do. As far as I know ‘tosser’ comes from the term ‘tossing off’ which is roughly equivalent to the American ‘jacking off’ so calling someone a tosser would be like calling them a jackoff. If I’m not mistaken ‘wanker’ works the same way. So I’m guessing it’s not related to ‘tossing salad’ though if you know someone who gets off tossing their own salad there’s probably a lucrative future in the adult entertainment industry for them…

  3. I’ll be in London for work on the 27th, with my hotel at just over 3 kilometers from that venue (near Blackfriars). I’m not 100% sure if I’ll have the time, but if I do, care to hook up for a handshake before or after the show, Andy?

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