Oct 122011

Is that not the most awesomest thing you’ve ever seen? Or at least the most awesomest thing you’ve seen in the last 5 minutes? And unlike the last thing musical event we presented, this one happens to be real, and there are two other real, related events in addition to this one.

Becoming The Archetype have announced an October/November European headlining tour in support of their latest album, Celestial Completion , which was released earlier this summer on Solid State Records and reviewed at NCS here. As part of that BEARDING EUROPE 2011 tour, the band will be playing three four dates in the UK, with support from a stellar line-up of UK metal bands, and we’re doing our part to help spread the word by co-sponsoring this BEARDING THE UK TOUR. The only band playing with BTA on all three dates is Bloodguard, who are fronted by our very own Andy Synn (congrats to Andy and the whole band for scoring these gigs).

On October 24, BTA will play Birmingham at The Actress & Bishop with Bloodguard and Haerken.. Tickets are £4. On October 25, BTA will be playing Manchester’s Roadhouse with Bloodguard and Bisonhammer. Tickets are £7 in advance from http://www.theroadhouselive.co.uk/. On October 26, BTA will be hitting  The Maze in Nottingham, with Bloodguard, Daor, and Incinery; advance tickets on sale HERE. And then on October 27, BTA will wreck Camden’s Purple Turtle with Talanas, Bloodguard, Chapters, and Ruins of Earth. Advance tickets are available for a paltry £7 here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/137045

And by the way, you can find out more about Talanas by reading Andy’s review of their new album HERE , and you can get an introduction to Chapters via TheMadIsraeli’s write-up HERE. After the jump, check out the other UK tour posters with our humble name appearing on the top and see BTA’s entire European tour schedule, with support from Immortal Souls and Beyond the Dust after leaving the UK.


Oct 22 – Oslo, Norway @ Nordic Fest *
Oct 23 – Rome, Italy @ Traffic Club *
Oct 24 – Birmingham, UK @ The Actress and Bishop *
Oct 25 – Manchester, UK @ The Roadhouse *
Oct 26 – Nottingham, UK @ The Maze *
Oct 27 – London, UK @ The Purple Turtle *
Oct 28 – Balingen, Germany @ Volksbankmessa at Rock Without Limits
Oct 29 – Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg @ Kulturfabrik Esch
Oct 30 – Hamburg, Germany @ Logo
Nov 1 – Liberec, Czech Republic @ Rock Pub
Nov 2 – Munchen, Germany @ Feierwerk
Nov 3 – Koln, Germany @ Underground
Nov 4 – Brussels, Belgium @ Magasin 4
Nov 5 – Apeldoom, Netherlands @ Gigant at Brainstorm
Nov 6 – Bielefeld, Germany @ Movie
Nov 7 – Frankfurt, Germany @ Nachtleben
Nov 9 – Paris, France @ Bus Palladium
Nov 10 – Lyon, France @ La Marquise
Nov 11 – Sursee, Switzerland @ Kulturwerk 118
Nov 12 – Neckarsulm, Germany @ Gleis 3 at Blast of Eternity


  24 Responses to “NCS PRESENTS!”

  1. Well. That’s exciting news. Of course, I’ll be on the wrong side of the world to really care about any of this, but nice to see NCS getting involved like this…

    • Thank you sir. We’ve done a bit to help out with this tour, but it’s really Andy who arranged for NCS to get some credit for it. And Bloodguard’s appearance at all 3 shows is a sign of their rising in the world of metal. Their debut album is on the way, and I’m psyched about that.

    • And if the NCS Lear jet weren’t in the shop for a lube and an oil change, I would definitely be there for these shows. Gonna be killer.

  2. Somehow I managed to miss the connection between Andy Synn and Bloodguard. It’s dark here in the Trollcave, what can I say? But I just checked out a few tracks…and I gotta say, fucking good pancake Mr Synn. Fucking good pancake indeed.

  3. Great to see NCS branching out into the promotion game, Aeon Promotions are excellent promoters (and personal friends), with their name and reputation already guaranteed a crowd, furthermore the purple turtle is a great venue with a solid repeat crowd, so this is bound to be a good event! Sadly I wont be attending as I am currently living in the Netherlands, but I will be sure to bully my friends into attending!

    • Thanks Alex. Hope you’re enjoying your sojourn in The Netherlands. Found any good grind over there?

      • Loving my time in the Netherlands, although the work load from university is crippling at times. As for grind I certainly have, I saw Dead Neanderthals the other week (think Jon Zorn worship) which was great alongside harsh electronica act Moha! which was punishingly great! Although the town I am in doesnt have any grind, I have quick access to other grind centres like Liege, so hopefully be seeing Attack of the Mad Axeman soon (who are hilarious live, they dress up as animals, advocate animal rights in a hilarious but sobering manner). If you ever find yourself in the NL give us a shout

  4. Congrats Islander! NCS and Bloodguard seem to be making a name for themselves! Exciting.

  5. Thank yo to everyone.

    And particularly to Islander for all his support.

    Our initial hope was to have the album done in time for release on the tour, but some delays have occurred (as they so often do) so we’ll be releasing it a bit later and doing some more big shows to commemorate that.

    Also, due to the delay, we may well be releasing a digital EP just after Christmas, showcasing some of the new material we’ve already written that doesn’t quite fit the overall direction of the second record.

    Also – Aeon Promotions are particularly good to work with and I would recommend them to anyone gigging around London. Fully professional and extremely helpful.

  6. Frigging awesome!

    Congratulations to NCS and Bloodguard!

  7. At the risk of pissing off a contributor to this site (who am I kidding, I don’t give a shit – LOL), I simply couldn’t get past the 35 second mark of one of Bloodguard’s songs.

    1 – name is too similar to one of the shittiest bands around these days – BLACKGUARD
    2 – it has that annoying vocal delivery/style and beat ripped straight from the BDM playbook

    I’ll give it another listen when it has a normal production, but definitely not my cup of tea.

    • Kevin, how dare you.

      They don’t allow differences of opinion, or any sort of contrary arguments here!

      You are now officially shunned.

    • never even heard of Blackguard untill thy played the 70K tons cruise, and they put on one of the best performances during the entire trek. I wont argue with if their music as a whole sucks, but they definitely bring it live, thats gotta count for something.

      • No, nothing they do is redeeming. All they do is play every fucking north american tour package on the planet with this quasi folkcore drivel. I don’t care if a turd is wrapped in golden foil. It’s still a turd at the end of the day.

        I don’t have any musical talent, but I could flail around onstage and scream for 40 minutes like a Mexican jumping bean and I would still hope you would think I’m an annoyingly worthless asshole. 🙂

        • Ha! Interesting point, I see what you mean. That said, during the Karaoke, the band certainly did prove they had musical talent and by all accounts over the 4 days they were definitely not assholes.
          Or maybe to put it another way: I saw Shat once (during another quasi folk NA tour coincidentaly), I thought they were fucking horrible, but I laughed my ass off the entire time and the crowd was feeling the laugh riot. There’s something to be said for the value in having fun I think.

          • I met 2 of the guys briefly and they were perfectly nice, I would never say they are BAD guys or can’t play their instruments. They just can’t write a song worth a damn or have a clue what good music sounds like.

            I was pretty bummed out when Jeff Loomis walked up to us and introduced Kim Gosslin (BG guitarist) as his good friend. I was thinking ‘really Jeff, a super talented guy like you, enjoying a shithole band such as this?”


  8. As others said, congrats to you and andy/bloodguard on this endeavor, sorry for the slowpoking. If you guys get any more legit, you’ll have to stop making phalus and semen jokes (ha, that’ll be the fuckin day.)

    I’m actually really diging that poster art, it’s working on several different levels for me. The Skull/Beard/Continental Europe amalgamation totally synchs well. Like, I can’t tell if the name for the tour came first or the design, but in a good way because its all so cohesive. Id totally buy that shirt.

    Is their a double meaning in “bearding” in europe or something? I figured it was a joke playing on the term “Beardo metal”, but I didnt think BTA was considerd part of that whole scene. Admitedly, I dont truly understand what that term means. Would appreciate if you could enlighten a brother.

  9. So late to this party but… congrats Andy! You guys kick some serious ass anyway, I hope this does some real good for you.

    Also, I love that Chapters is on one of these dates.

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