Oct 202011

I’m sitting in an airport, waiting on a plane, with a few minutes to kill. Just a few minutes, though. Just long enough to kill you with a song while I kill time.

The band is Visceral Disgorge, from Baltimore, Maryland. They released a debut album over the summer called Ingesting Putridity. Can you guess what the music will sound like, based on these clues: the name of the band; the name of the album; and the album cover? Here’s one more clue: The name of the song is “Necrocoprophagia”.

Let’s break that song title down: “Necro” is a Greek prefix meaning “death”. Copro is a prefix derived from the Greek word kopros, meaning “dung”. “Phagia” is a suffix, also derived from the Greek, which refers to the eating of a specified substance. “Coprophagia” means the eating of dung. Therefore, “necrocoprophagia” must mean eating the shit of the dead.

Do you have enough clues? If you guessed that this band plays brutal death metal, you would be correct. If you guessed that the music is the shit, you would also be correct, because it is. This band pulverizes, but they do it with flare and groove. Very, very nice.

This song, by the way, will be featured in the October edition of SickDrummer magazine and CD compilation. Go past the jump and let it kill you. My plane is boarding.

[audio:https://www.nocleansinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Visceral-Disgorge-Necrocoprophagia.mp3|titles=Visceral Disgorge – Necrocoprophagia]

Here are a bunch of links to pages about Visceral Disgorge, with more music to stream:



  1. Sometimes I come to NCS and I find exactly the band that I wanted to hear, even without knowing that band existed. This was one of those times.

  2. Turn into a jet, LIKE A BOSS! Bomb the Russians, LIKE A BOSS! Listen to Necrocoprophagia, LIKE A BOSS! Now I’m dead, LIKE A BOSS!

    (Original version of the Lonely Island song)

    Me likey. The drum sound makes me happy in the pants. And, you know, the rest of the music, too. So, I guess…necrocoprophagia makes me happy in the pants? I learn something new about myself every day.

  3. This is relevant to my interests.

  4. I didn’t know you were interested in necrocoprophagia. I guess it’s a matter of taste.

    If I had some good hot sauce and a side order of fried chicken, I’d consider it.

  5. The most original artwork, band name and sound E-V-A-R 😉

  6. I heard this band about a month ago, and I can’t stop listening to them. Their song Skullfucking Neonatal Necrosis was the first song I saw from them, and I fell in love. They got me into brutal death metal and slam as well. These guys are the shit!!

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