Oct 212011

If this doesn’t make your whole damn week, well then you’ve had a stupendously sucky week. Fuck, this may make your whole damn month.

A scant 10 days ago, first-time NCS guest contributor The Baby Killer gave us his review of the new album by the wonderfully inventive and technically mesmerizing Blotted Science. The album is called The Animation of Entomology. Before it came out, guitarist Ron Jarzombek was reported as saying:

““As many of you know, all 24-plus minutes of the EP are a musical score to some type of bug movies. We will reveal the first one at my YouTube channel next Friday [Oct 14]. We’ll miss Friday the 13th by one day, but hopefully this viewing will be creepy enough for you. And so until the video appears, enjoy the audio. I realize that it all may be beyond wacky at this point, but it all will soon make perfect sense.”

Well, the first clip has now been released. Whatever you may think of the 2005 remake of King Kong, starring Jack Black and Adrien Brody, it was worth every penny because it has furnished the video accompaniment to a Blotted Science song called “Cretaceous Chasm”.  (more after the jump . . .)

The music and the video fit together so seamlessly, you’d think they were made for each other. In fact, the music fits what’s happening on screen so well — down to the detail of rhythmic bursts of music accompanying bursts of machine-gune fire — that I have to believe the music was created for this video clip, that Ron Jarzombek and company created their own score for this scene from King Kong. This must be what he meant when he said that, eventually, it would all make perfect sense.

It’s a stroke of demented genius, and I can’t wait to see what the next clip will be. Something insectile, no doubt. Check this out:


  1. Cool song, but it reminded me how ridiculous that movie was. Jack Black the action hero? LOL

    And it would have been better if Adrian Brody was shot.

    • Have to agree with you on both counts. And how could Adrien Brody not have been shot, with a guy firing a machine gun — with his eyes closed — at bugs crawling all over Brody? But I mean, other than that, it was a really realistic scene.

  2. Must have this EP at earliest possible convenience.

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