Oct 242011

We’ve been fixated on the forthcoming Century Media album by the UK’s Vallenfyre since we first heard excerpts from the band’s two-song Desecration single in August. We’ve followed news about the band and A Fragile King with slavish fervor since then, and have watched as hunger for the release has spread like wildfire — at least among fans with a discriminating taste for old-school European death-doom.

The latest piece of news — and it’s a big fucking piece — is that the entire album is now streaming at the Hails and Horns web site. Even better, there’s a feature accompanying the stream that includes track-by-track comments by the band’s founder/songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Greg Mackintosh (Paradise Lost), plus a revealing interview.

I’m going to withhold any detailed comments about the music for now, because we’ll have our own review. I’ll simply say that this is everything I hoped and expected it would be. GO HERE to listen. And make sure you have un-interruptable time on your hands, because once you start, you really won’t won’t to stop before hearing all of it.


  1. The stream isn’t working for me… anyone else having a problem with it?

  2. Yeah me too. Not sure why.

  3. Same here, not working. Good as its not only me and I need to get to bed 🙂

  4. Well, this is fucked up. I’ve messaged a few people to see if this can be fixed. Of course, we would not be having these problems if they’d given the album to NCS to stream. 🙂

  5. It’s still not working.

    I did like the commentary though. It’s sad but thoughtful. Seriously, FUCK YOU, cancer.

  6. Same Here, no worky.

  7. Well now that it’s working, I can officially say that it’s awesome!

  8. For those who’ve been trying to listen without success, the full-album stream is now working again! Go to Hails and Horns and enjoy . . .

  9. At the risk of jinxing this album stream again, I’m here to report that the Hails and Horns site is now back up and the album stream is working.

  10. The album has also been leaked to the torent sites, if you don’t want to be handcuffed by streaming only.

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